FoP Away Day 2007

The Country Cottage Hotel, Ruddington, 17 - 18 January, 2007

Information and Programme



The Foundations of Programming Away Day (FoPAD) 2007 takes place at the Country Cottage Hotel in Ruddington, just South of Nottingham. Click here for a map. Address:

The Country Cottage Hotel
Easthorpe Street
NG11 6LA
Phone: 0115 984 6882 or 0115 945 6462

Available Equipment

The following equipment is going to be available for supporting the talks:

As to computers, Roland is bringing his tablet laptop with Acrobat Reader and Power Point. In order to minimize laptop swapping, it would be good if as many people as possible could use that laptop for their presentations. Just bring your slides on a USB stick, or e-mail them to me prior to the Away Day.

Getting There

Ruddington is not very far, and getting there is easy enough by public transportation. For example, Trentbarton offers connections. For those would like to travel together to Ruddington, the bus at 8.25 AM from Broadmarsh, arriving in Ruddington (the Green) at 8.44, is recommended.


(Subject to change.)

Wednesday 17 January

09.00   Coffee/Tea

09.30--11.00: Session I
Chair: Wouter Swierstra
09.30 Welcome
Roland Backhouse and Henrik Nilsson
09.45 Algorithmic Problem Solving
Roland Backhouse, Alexandra Mendes, Joao Ferreira
10.30 Universes for Generic Programming
Peter Morris


11.30--12.30: Session II
Chair: Joao Ferreira
11.30 Compiler Correctness for Software Transactional Memory
Liyang Hu
12.00 Category-Theoretical Design Patterns
Ondrej Rypacek
12.15 Epigram Reasoning: Normalization by Evaluation and Commutative Monoids
Matthew Walton

12.30Lunch followed by Walk (weather permitting)

14.30--16.00: Session III
Chair: Mauro Jaskelioff
14.30 Isomorphisms for Context-Free Types
Thorsten Altenkirch
15.00 Compiler Correctness with Coq
Wouter Swierstra
15.15 Programming with Quantum IO
Alexander S Green
15.30 Functional Reactive Programming and Yampa
Henrik Nilsson
15.45 Scalable Functional Reactive Programming
Neil Sculthorpe


16.30--17.30: Session IV
Chair: Alexandra Mendes
16.30 Turing Machines by Co-algebra
Peter Hancock
16.45 Agent-Based Systems
Brian Logan
17.15 Logics for Agents
Natasha Alechina

17.30Short break

17.45--18.30: Session V: Discussions
Chair: Thorsten Altenkirch
· The Future of FoP

19.00FoP Away Day Dinner

Thursday 18 January

08.00   Breakfast (last order 9.15)

10.00--11.00: Session VI
Chair: Matthew Walton
10.00 Sudoku
Graham Hutton
10.30 A Thesis and Beyond in 15 Minutes (An Overview)
Jonathan Grattage
10.45 Effective Reasoning, Concurrency, and Security Protocols
Arjan Mooij


11.30--12.30: Session VII
Chair: Neil Sculthorpe
11.30 Co-algebraic Weak Bisimulation
Mauro Jaskelioff
11.45 Dependently Typed Core Language
Robert Reitmeier
12.00 Elimination Tactics in Epigram 2
Nicolas Oury
12.15 Higher Dimensional Category Theory
Neil Ghani

Last updated 15 January 2007.