G52GRP 2011-2012: Practical Information Regarding the Open Day

Please read the following important points carefully:

  1. If you bring in ANY electrical/electronic equipment yourselves that needs to be connected to the mains in A32 (laptops, speakers, ...), then these items must be PAT tested prior to use to ensure they are safe. This is a health and safety requirement.

    Thus, unless you have done so already, you need to get any such equipment PAT tested prior to the Open Day.

    Tomasz Glazer (room A39) will be happy to carry out PAT testing from now until Tuesday before Open Day (8 May) during normal working hours when he has some time to spare. Additionally, he will be available to carry out PAT testing in his office at the following specific times:

    Please note, there will be no PAT testing carried out on the actual Open Day. Thus if you have not had any equipment of yours you want to use as part of your displays tested prior to the Open Day, then you will not be allowed to use this during the Open Day.

  2. No adjustments to any hardware or software can be done on the Open Day. Thus, should you, for example, need elevation of privileges, you need to contact TSG by submitting a ticket in advance, and certainly no later than by Friday 4 May.

  3. You are strongly encouraged to test that your software (and any additional setup) actually runs on the School machines well before the Open Day given that very little if any technical support will be available on the day due to the sheer work commitment of making sure everything runs smoothly.

    You are again reminded of the two points above regarding PAT testing and the deadline for tickets requesting adjustments to hardware or software.

  4. No adjustments to any furniture or fixtures can be done without prior agreement from the School's security officer. Use common sense. In particular, hanging posters from lamps, having hanging wires, or building wobbly constructions on desks are all no gos.

  5. Boards with wheels will be made available for hanging up your big, portrait poster, name of group, and any additional material. Walls and pillars may also be used should your stand be located near one, as long as no marks are left behind.

    Pins and blue-tack will be available from the School Office.

  6. We hope that A32 lab will be completely locked during the talks and prize ceremony (14:30–16:30). Thus it should be OK to leave the stands as they are during this time.

    That said, do not, under any circumstances, leave any of your own valuables, such as mobile phones or laptops, unattended in the lab at any point, including during the talks. The School is not liable for any losses.

  7. You need to tidy away your stands after the Open Day. Should you need bin liners, they will be available from the School Office.

Last updated 2 May 2012.