G52GRP 2011-2012 Presentation Day: 11 May

General Information

Presentations take place in C1 or C60, School of CS, as indicated by the session name.

Sessions are 45 minutes long, divided into three presentations slots of 15 minutes. Each presentation should last for 10 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for questions. (The one exception is session C60-IV that is 30 minutes long (2 slots).)

All students are expected to arrive 15 minutes before the session starts to set things up (copy slides across to the computer; if a laptop is used, make sure it works with the data projector; etc.). Thus, the setup for all groups in a session should be completed (to the extent possible) before the session starts. The time is very tight, and if a group ends up wasting time because they have not prepared properly, they will simply have that much less time to talk.

Furthermore, students are expected to stay for the entire session in order to not disrupt the presentations by entering or leaving the room, and to participate actively in fellow students' presentations by asking questions and take part in the discussions.

Each session is normally attended by at least three supervisors, and each supervisor is asked to mark all presentations in the session they are attending. Each presentation will thus normally get at least three marks. Additionally, any other members of the academic staff who wish to attend a session are welcome to do so and are invited to mark the presentations if they do.

One supervisor is designated chair for each session. He or she is responsible for running the session smoothly, and in particular for making sure the presenters keep the time as the schedule is very tight!

Session chairs are kindly asked to arrive early in order to make sure everyone is ready to go when the session starts, and to help sort out any issues there might be.


Within a session, groups will present in the order given below.

A star (*) next to the name of a supervisor indicates that supervisor is unable to come, and that appropriate cover has been arranged.

Room C1

Group Project Title Supervisor
10:00–10:45: Session C1-I
Chair: Dr. Thorsten Altenkirch
gp11-txa Settlers of Catan — Online Dr. Thorsten Altenkirch
gp11-jqg Automarker: Intelligent Feedback Assistance System Dr. Julie Greensmith
gp11-rcb1 Crowdbase for Integrated Route Finding Around the University Campuses Prof. Roland Backhouse
11:00–11:45: Session C1-II
Chair: Prof. Roland Backhouse
gp11-rcb2 A Smartphone App for Cyclists Prof. Roland Backhouse
gp11-cah The Marker's apprentice Dr. Colin Higgins
gp11-vxc Language Learning Software Dr. Venanzio Capretta
13:00–13:45: Session C1-III
Chair: Dr. Henrik Nilsson
gp11-nhn Duelling Keyboards Dr. Henrik Nilsson
gp11-axc WebPAS: Web-based Peer Assessment System Dr. Andrew Crabtree
gp11-cmg A Personal Learning Dashboard for Moodle Prof. Chris Greenhalgh
14:00–14:45: Session C1-IV
Chair: Prof. Sanja Petrovic
gp11-sxp Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Dose Distribution Calculator Prof. Sanja Petrovic
Rupa Jagannathan
gp11-tpp Image Segmentation Prototyping and Evaluation Tool Dr. Tony Pridmore *
Dr. Andrew French (covers for Dr. Pridmore)
gp11-nhn-df Reactive Music Dr. Henrik Nilsson

Room C60

Group Project Title Supervisor
10:00–10:45: Session C60-I
Chair: Dr. Natasha Alechina
gp11-nza Project Presentation Scheduler Dr. Natasha Alechina
gp11-exo A Multimodal Interface for Free-Hand Graph Drawings Dr. Ender Ozcan
gp11-jqb1 The Home Gardener Dr. Jaume Bacardit
11:00–11:45: Session C60-II
Chair: Prof. Derek McAuley
gp11-drm1 Travel Habits Prof. Derek McAuley
gp11-jqb2 Explanations Generator for Contact Map Prediction Dr. Jaume Bacardit
gp11-srb ePub to Print Converter Dr. Steve Bagley
13:00–13:45: Session C60-III
Chair: Dr. Per Kristian Lehre
gp11-pkl Visualisation of the Last.fm Dataset Dr. Per Kristian Lehre
gp11-ajp A Course and Module Browser using the Semantic Web Dr. Andrew Parkes
gp11-drm2 Personal OpenID Prof. Derek McAuley
14:00–14:40: Session C60-IV
Chair: Dr. Gouping Qiu
gp11-qiu Find a Friendly Face Dr. Gouping Qiu
gp11-pxt A Physical Lab-based Version of “Hunt the Wumpus” Dr. Paul Tennet *
Pat Brundell (covers for Dr. Tennet)

Last updated 10 May 2012.