The G52GRP Open Day 2007

9 May, 2007

Setting up


Balloons ...


And even more balloons ... ???




Great posters


Lots of sweets!


Eye-catching displays


Meta-heuristics ... and glow sticks???

I assure you, there is a very definite connection. And it's this: Do you see how the sticks fit the trend lines?


Fun Games!


Supervisors lured into a Death Match!


Asteroids proved as popular as ever ...


... but was it for the right reasons?


The Groups


GPAC: not easily impressed!

"This is the best thing since ... I don't know when. Honest!" But some remain unconvinced!



Eager anticipation: Who won the prizes?


Happy Winners with Supervisors and GPAC Chair

Left to right: HP Group Project Prize Winners, Digital Documents Prize Winners, School of CS & IT Open Day Prize Winners.


The End


Thanks to all who helped making the Open Day 2007 a success! First of all, all the group project students! Then, in no particular order: The GPAC: David Brailsford, Graham Hutton, and Tony Wiley (HP). HP UK. Edmund Burke. Steve Bagley. Dave Elliman. TSG: Vik Huddleston, Roger Lee, Nick Reynolds. Dipa. And all the group project supervisors!

Last updated 10 May 2007.