The G52GRP Open Day 2008

30 April, 2008

Setting up ...


... great displays!


Truly Outstanding Posters!

But beware! The Robber is trying to steal the show!


Dare to say NO to Square Screens!


The very latest hardware working hard!

Yes, that is a Quad Core playing Connect Four! ... Ah, of coure!


Othello reinvented

No, you simply can't eat your cookie and have it too. So, what shall it be: play or eat!?!


Space Cookies!


Fun and Games!


The Groups

... with the occasional supervisor trying to take part of the credit!


Eager anticipation ...


GPAC: last minute deliberations?


Finally, the Winners are announced!


Happy Winners and Supervisors

Left: gp07-txa: HP Group Project Prize; Right: gp07-nza: School of CS Open Day Prize


Thanks to all who helped making the Open Day 2008 a success! First of all, the group project students! Then, in no particular order: GPAC: David Brailsford, Steve Bagley, and Steve Battle (HP). HP UK. Edmund Burke. Vik Huddleston. Nick Reynolds. Marta Kalinowska. And all the group project supervisors!

Last updated 4 May 2008.