The G52GRP Open Day 2010

5 May, 2010

Busy setting up ... 11 AM deadline to meet!



Left to right: Joel Wright (IBM UK), Steve Bagley, John Lumley, David Brailsford (GPAC Chair)






Additional Prizes!



and some supervisors

themed attire


Cup cakes!

and other baked treats

Honest! This is the School of CS!



Only in it for the cup cakes!

Yes, I promise you: the best cup cake you've ever tasted!




Individual Projects!

New for this year: an exhibition of final-year projects in association with the alumni event.




Awards Ceremony!

What has GPAC and the Alumni decided?

We're waiting ...

Yes, this is a solemn occasion!


Happy Winners and Supervisors!

Left: gp09-pxb: School and Alumni Prize; Right: gp09-gxk: IBM Prize



Oops, sorry! Let's try that again ...


Thanks to all who helped making the Open Day 2010 a success! First of all, the group project students! Then, in no particular order: IBM UK. Head of School Steve Benford. GPAC: David Brailsford, Joel Wright (IBM UK), Steve Bagley, John Lumley. The Alumni. Jason Atkin. Vik Huddleston, Nick Reynolds, Tomasz Glazer, Syahnizam Abdullah Sani, and the rest of TSG. Karen Attwood, Maryam Marchenko, Marta Kalinowska, and the rest of the admin team. And all the group project supervisors!

Last updated 9 May 2010.