The G52GRP Open Day 2011

4 May, 2011

Busy setting up ... 11 AM deadline to meet!

What is wrong with that speaker??



Left to right: David Vines (IBM UK), Steve Bagley, John Lumley, David Brailsford (GPAC Chair)




Some of the great posters!


and some supervisors ... and very special guests?


GPAC; Professor David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor of The University of Nottingham; you know who!


Katherine Sanders, IBM link coordinator

The Alumni Touring Team!

Left: Jason Atkin, head ATT


Invited speakers!

Right: David Vines, Master Inventor, IBM UK

Awards Ceremony!

Happy Winners!

Left: gp10-jqg: IBM Prize; Right: gp10-bai: School and Alumni Prize

Thanks to all who helped making the Open Day 2011 a success! First of all, the group project students! And then a big thank you to IBM UK that kindly has helped with providing support lectures throughout the year and sponsored the group project prize. And then, in no particular order: Head of School Steve Benford. GPAC: David Brailsford, David Vines (IBM UK), Steve Bagley, John Lumley. Katherine Sanders (IBM UK). The Alumni. Jason Atkin. Vik Huddleston, Nick Reynolds, Tomasz Glazer, and the rest of TSG. Hannah Robinson, Maryam Marchenko, Marta Kalinowska, Lois Beiley, and the rest of the admin team. And all the group project supervisors!

Last updated 10 May 2011.