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Media Business

Gates: PC will replace TV, TV will become a giant Google | The Register
Bill Gate's view on the direction of the Television
Ad Nauseam
Media related site about advertising
Podcasts popular with Trekkies, Mac users | CNET
Podcasts popular with Trekkies, Mac users | People who download podcasts share a distinct personality, according to an ongoing study of online behavior.
Interesting Internet Statistics from Across the Web
Web site design and Internet marketing services by denning e-solutions. Based in Birmingham Alabama but serving clients nationwide.
Computer Almanac - Numbers About Computers
Statistics relating to computer usage.
The Digital TV Weblog - Main page - IPTV, Video on Demand, Streaming TV - IPTV, TV, Digital, Internet
IPTV, Video on Demand, Streaming TV
comScore Networks Releases Top Web Properties Worldwide for December; Reviews Biggest Gainers for 2006
Web Statistics
Television vs. Internet
Statistics on media hours
World Internet Usage Statistics News and Population Stats
Internet usage statistics
AMD 50x15 - World Internet Usage
Projection on future internet usage and the impact of cheap technology
Some Economics of Personal Activity and Implications for the Digital Economy
This paper documents, from 1925 to the present, some important historical facts about personal activity and commercial efforts to attract personal attention.
List of common resolutions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Television resolution details
Broadcasting auidence research board
Microsoft Windows Media - Understanding HD Formats
Describes basic HD formats and concepts, including audio and video in HD, common HD recording formats, and storage and backup systems for HD. These fundamentals are essential to understanding topics.
Who Owns What
Media Ownership
TV Basics Index
informitv - Ofcom chief calls for a new digital media vision
informitv - informing interactive television - news - Ofcom chief calls for a new digital media vision
10 Reasons Why High Definition DVD Formats Have Already Failed
Audio/video hardware and software reviews for audiophile consumers