[Haskell] 2004 Haskell Workshop

Snowbird, Utah, USA
22 September, 2004



08.30   Registration
Session I: 8.50--10.30
Chair: Henrik Nilsson
08.50 Welcome
09.00 Functional Pearl: I am not a number: I am a free variable
Conor McBride (University of Durham), James McKinna (University of St Andrew)
09.30 Plugging Haskell In
André Pang (Information & Communication Technologies),
Don Stewart, Sean Seefried, Manuel M. T. Chakravarty (University of New South Wales)
10.00 Extending the Haskell Foreign Function Interface with Concurrency
Simon Marlow, Simon Peyton Jones (Microsoft Research Ltd.), Wolfgang Thaller
10.30 Break
Session II: 11.00--12.30
Chair: Jerzy Karczmarczuk
11.00 Functional Pearl: Implicit Configuration -- or, Type Classes Reflect the Value of Types
Oleg Kiselyov (Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center)
Chung-chieh Shan (Harvard University)
11.30 Programming Graphic Processors Functionally
Conal Elliot
12.00 wxHaskell: A Portable and Concise GUI Library for Haskell
Daan Leijen (Utrecht University)
12.30 Lunch
Session III: 14.00--15.30
Chair: Colin Runciman
14.00 Type Safe, Self Inspecting Code
Arthur I. Baars, S. Doaitse Swierstra (Utrecht University)
14.30 Improving Type Error Diagnosis
Peter J. Stuckey (University of Melbourne), Martin Sulzmann (National University of Singapore),
Jeremy Wazny (University of Melbourne)
15.00 Tool Demonstration: Haskell Type Browser
Matthias Neubauer, Peter Thiemann (University of Freiburg)
15.15 Tool Demonstration: BNF Converter
Aarne Ranta, Markus Forsberg, (Chalmers University of Technology)
15.30 Break
Session IV: 16.00--18.00
Chair: Martin Sulzmann; Discussion Chair: Daan Leijen
16.00 Strongly Typed Heterogeneous Collections
Oleg Kiselyov (Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center),
Ralf Lämmel (VU & CWI), Keean Schupke (Imperial College)
16.30 Student Paper: HaskellDB Improved
Björn Bringert, Anders Höckersten (Chalmers University of Technology)
16.45 Discussion: The Future of Haskell
  • Open Topics: Discussion Starters wanted! (see below)
  • Haskell and Dependent Types

Discussion Starters Sought!

To encourage a live-topic debate inspired by the workshop itself, we seek impromptu discussion starters for the Future of Haskell discussion. For example, one sentence "fireworks" such as controversial assertions or challenging questions. Unsolved problems. Friendly rebuttals of any (or all!) of the workshop papers. Short and pithy (at most 5 minutes, 2 slides) presentations of raw ideas for future Haskell-related work.

If you would like to contribute, approach either the Discussion Chair (Daan Leijen) or the Workshop Chair (Henrik Nilsson) during any of the breaks and briefly explain what you would like to say. If necessary, as there might not be time for all who would like to speak, the Discussion Chair will prioritize. Those who are selected will then be invited to give their discussion starter at some suitable point during the discussion session.

Last updated 16 September 2004.