MGS 2009: Functional Programming (FUN)

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This page contains links to all electronic material used in the Functional Programming (FUN) lectures that were given as part of MGS 2009 in Leicester, UK, 30 March -- 3 April.

The slides are all in PDF, and there are three versions available for each lecture. The basic version is intended for on-screen viewing only, whereas the 4 up and 9 up versions are mainly intended for printing, putting 4 and 9 slides respectively onto each page.


This is an intermediate-level course on functional programming seeking to deepen the participants understanding of functional programming and its possibilities through a series of loosely connected lectures on a few selected topics. Basic functional programming experience in a modern functional language featuring a parametrically polymorphic type system, like Haskell or ML, is assumed. The language used in the course is Haskell.


The course is supported by exercise sessions.

Lecture 1: Lazy Functional Programming

30 March 2009

Lecture 2: Purely Functional Data Structures

31 March 2009

Lecture 3: Monads

1 April 2009

Lecture 4: More about Monads

2 April 2009

Lecture 5: Concurrency

3 April 2009

Exercises: Lectures 1--4

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