MGS 2018

Midlands Graduate School

in the

Foundations of Computing Science

University of Nottingham, UK, 9–13 April, 2018

Invited Lecturer:

Edwin Brady

The Midlands Graduate School (MGS) in the Foundations of Computing Science provides an intensive course of lectures on the Mathematical Foundations of Computing. It is a collaboration between researchers at the Universities of Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield, and has run annually since 1999. The lectures are aimed at PhD students, typically in their first or second year of study, but the school is open to anyone who is interested, and has increasingly seen participation from industry, for example. We welcome particpants from all over the world.

MGS 2018 is going to be held in Nottingham, UK, 9–13 April, hosted by the School of Computer Science, the University of Nottingham. Eight courses are going to be given: three introductory ones, and five advanced. The students participate in all the introductory courses and chose additional options from the advanced courses.


The following courses are planned for MGS 2018:

Invited course (advanced):

Introductory courses: Advanced courses:


Graham Hutton,   University of Nottingham
Henrik Nilsson, University of Nottingham

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