TFP 2006

List of Talks

This is the list of papers accepted for presenttaion at TFP 2006. The list is ordered alphabetically by author, and does not reflect the order of the final symposium programme.

Author(s) Title Category
Peter Achten
Marko van Eekelen
Rinus Plasmeijer
A Unified Semantic Model For Interactive Applications Research
Radia Benheddi and Frédéric Loulergue Parallel composition for MSPML Research
Edwin Brady
Kevin Hammond
Dependently Typed Meta-programming Research
Olaf Chitil
Yong Luo
Proving the Correctness of Declarative Debugging for Functional Programs Research
Jan Christiansen
Frank Huch
A purely functional implementation of ROBDDs in Haskell Research
Thomas David
Olaf Chitil
One Right Does Make a Wrong Research
Louise A. Dennis
Raul Monroy
Pablo Nogueira
Proof-Directed Debugging and Repair Project
Péter Diviánszky Unique Identifiers in Pure Functional Languages Research
Sebastian Fischer Resource-based Web Applications Project
Neil Ghani
Makoto Hamana
Tarmo Uustalu
Varmo Vene
Representing Cyclic Structures as Nested Datatypes Research
Martin Grabmüller A Generic Model of Functional Programming With Dynamic Optimization Research
Jurriaan Hage
Bastiaan Heeren
Ordering type constraints: a structured approach Research
Kevin Hammond
Greg Michaelson
Meng Sun
Programming Reactive Systems in Hume Research
Ryo Hanai
Tomoharu Ugawa
Masashi Yoneda
Masahiro Yasugi
Taiichi Yuasa
Memory Usage Improvement Using Runtime Alias Detection Research
Stephan Herhut
Sven-Bodo Scholz
Generic Programming on the Structure of Homogeneously Nested Arrays Research
Jan Martin Jansen
Pieter Koopman
Rinus Plasmeijer
Efficient Interpretation by Transforming Data Types and Patterns to Functions Research
Pieter Koopman
Rinus Plasmeijer
Systematic Synthesis of Functions Research
Greg Michaelson
Robert Pointon
Recursion, Iteration and Hume Scheduling Research
Jean-François Monin
Judicaël Courant
Proving termination using dependent types: the case of xor-terms Research
Pablo Nogueira When is an abstract data type a functor? Research
Bruno C. d. S. Oliveira
Ralf Hinze
Andres Löh
Generics as a Library Research
Betsy Pepels
Rinus Plasmeijer
Generating Information Systems applications: a research proposition Position
Gracjan Polak
Janusz Jarosz
Automatic graphical user interface form generation using Template Haskell Research
Rose Hafsah Ab. Rauf
Ulrich Berger
Anton Setzer
Functional Concepts of C++ Research
Clara Segura
Ricardo Peña
Manuel Montenegro
A Sharing Analysis for SAFE Research
Anton Setzer Object-oriented programming in dependent type theory Research
Wim Vanderbauwhede Gannet: a functional task description language for a service-based SoC architecture Research
Edwin Westbrook Free Variable Types Research
Manfred Widera Why Testing Matters in Functional Programming Position
Viktória Zsók
Zoltán Horváth
Zoltán Herny
Distributed Elementwise Processing in D-Clean Research

Last updated 9 March 2006.