Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 2013-2014

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Feedback for exam 2013-14

The module describes how knowledge can be represented symbolically and manipulated in an automated way by reasoning programs. It will be based on the following textbook: Ronald Brachman and Hector Levesque. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning. Elsevier, 2004. There are several copies in the Jubilee Library, location Q387 BRA. An a link to eBook edition from the library catalogue.

Hector Levesque's on-line lecture slides based on the book
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Office hour (for questions): Thursday at 17:00 in C57.


  • Lecture 15: Non-monotonic reasoning. Chapter 11, slides 178-201.
  • Lecture 16: Non-monotonic reasoning continued.
    Summary of lectures 15 and 16
    See also exam papers 2010: question 5, 2009: question 5, 2008: question 6.
  • Lecture 17: Bayesian networks. Chapter 12, slides 202-216.
    Summary of Bayesian networks and an exercise
  • Last lecture (10 December): Revision.
  • No lecture on 13 December.
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