Interface Summary
Action Interface implemented by all actions.
Cell Interface implemented by items in the Environment.
CellFactory Interface allowing the generation of new cells when the environment is resized.
TankerViewerIconFactory Interface allowing customisation of the TankerViewer icons used to depict objects in the environment different types of Tankers and cells.

Class Summary
DefaultCell An abstract implementation of the Cell interface.
DefaultCellFactory A default CellFactory which populates the environment with stations and wells.
DefaultTankerViewerIconFactory A default implementation of the TankerViewerIconFactory interface.
DeliverWaterAction Action which delivers water from the tanker to a station.
EmptyCell A environment cell which contains nothing.
Environment An infinite grid of cells representing the current state of the environment at a given timestep.
FuelPump A fuel pump.
LoadWaterAction Action which loads water into the tanker.
MoveAction Action which moves the tanker one cell in a specified direction.
MoveTowardsAction Action which moves the tanker towards a given Point in the environment.
Point A 2D position in the Environment.
RefuelAction Action which replenishes the fuel in the tanker.
Station A environment cell which contains a water station.
Tanker An abstract base class for Tankers in the standard Environment.
TankerViewer A simple user interface for watching an individual Tanker.
Task A environment cell which contains an task
Well A well is a source of water

Exception Summary
ActionFailedException Thrown when a tanker attempts to perform an illegal action.
OutOfFuelException Exception thrown to signal that a tanker runs out of fuel.