G54DIA Designing Intelligent Agents 2014-2015

G54DIA module description

Coursework 1

Coursework 2

Recommended Reading

Planning and Search module

I referred to the former G52PAS module several times during lectures. It is not a pre-requisite for G54DIA but if you are curious, here are G52PAS 13/14 slides . The module was mostly based on Russell and Norvig's book (see Recommended Reading).

Schedule: weeks 1 and 2 have 4 lectures a week: Tuesday at 9 and 11, Thursday at 11 and Wednesday at 15.

Lecture and tutorial slides

Week 19 (starting 26 January)

Week 20 (starting 2 February)

Week 21 (starting 9 February)

Week 23 (group tutorial 26 February)

Week 24

Week 25

Week 26

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