Algorithms and Data Structures 2003 - 2004

Course description

Past exam papers (Local access only)

Formal coursework

Feedback for formal coursework

Note: lecture on the 11th of December is in LT2.
There will be a revision/feedback for the coursework lecture on Friday the 9th of January at 11 in LT3.

Lecture slides

Tutorial allocation

Please only attend tutorials if you are really struggling with the material. Please try to attend during the time allocated to you to spread the load evenly.

Informal coursework

Informal coursework is given so that you can check whether you understand the material and to help you revise. Answers will be posted here on Friday before next week tutorials. Informal coursework is not being marked. Tutorials are not compulsory - in fact, please only go to tutorials if you are really struggling with the topic because space is a problem.

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