Project ideas (MSc projects 2009 and final year projects 2009/2010)

My research interests are in logic and artificial intelligence, and I am very happy to discuss projects involving either or both. I often supervise projects which involve Java programming (a game, or animation of some algorithm, route planning, assistance with decision making, theorem proving,...). I don't know anything about web scripting languages and electronic commerce so I am not a good supervisor for those projects.

Some project ideas:

  1. A tool for teaching temporal logic similar to the ones for modal logic on Jan Jaspars's page (unfortunately for one of them instructions are in Dutch but I hope you get the idea).
  2. Theorem prover which counts how much time and space is used by a proof (suitable for both an MSc and a UG project). For most logical systems, it is hard enough to find any proof for a theorem, so theorem provers try to find some proof, not necessarily the shortest one. This paper (sections 1-3 and 5.2) describes looking for optimal proofs, with respect to their length or memory use. We do it using a model-checker but it may be easier to do it using a suitably modified theorem prover.

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