Natasha Alechina's project ideas (MSc projects 2010/11 and final year projects 2011/2012)

My research interests are in logic and artificial intelligence, and I am very happy to discuss projects involving either or both. I often supervise projects which involve Java programming (a game, or animation of some algorithm, route planning, assistance with decision making, theorem proving,...).

Some project ideas:

  1. AI player for some game.
  2. Theorem prover for some logic.
  3. Animation of some algorithms. For example, I would really appreciate a tool animating planning algorithms for the module I teach, G52PAS
  4. The definitive study to check the accuracy of weather forecasts. The basic version of the project involves automatically downloading two types of data into a database: and doing a statistical analysis of prediction accuracy. Extensions involve comparing accuracy of professional forecasting with some simple weather prediction algorithm of your own (e.g.: average temperature for this time of year).

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