My research interests include applications of logic in computer science and artificial intelligence, including: modal logic, logics for resource-bounded agents, knowledge representation and reasoning, complexity and expressive power of query languages.
Here is a link to my publications. .
I am PI on the EPSRC-funded VRBMAS project

I am a member of the Agents lab.

I am supervising the following PhD students:

Heshan Du, who works on combining information in heterogeneous geospatial ontologies,

Hai Nguyen , who works on belief revision for ontologies,

Xiaofan Liu, who works on logical analysis and verification of business rules,

Past PhD students:

Fahad Khan, working on temporal logics with regular expressions.

Nguyen Hoang Nga, logics for resource-bounded reasoners.

Mark Jago obtained his PhD in 2006, on logics for resource bounded agents.

Dmitry Shkatov obtained his PhD in 2006. His thesis was on modal logics with intuitionistic basis, and modal logics with existential and transitive closure modalities. He was funded by the EPSRC grant GR/M98050/01, `Efficient fragments of transitive closure logic'.

Graham Mackenzie obtained his PhD in 2003. He worked on recognising drawings using agents.

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