Dr Peer-Olaf Siebers

Assistant Professor
School of Computer Science [url]
Intelligent Modelling & Analysis Research Group [url]
The University of Nottingham [url]
Nottingham [url], NG8 1BB, UK [url]
Email: peer-olaf.siebers@nottingham.ac.uk
Orcid ID: 0000-0002-0603-5904
CompSci Building, Room B35 [map]
Office Hours: Please make an appointment via email
My Official University Website [url]
Mission Statement
My main research topic is the application of Computer Simulation and Artificial Intelligence to study human-centric and coupled human-natural complex adaptive systems. I am a strong advocate of using Co-Creation for object oriented Agent-Based Modelling (ooABM). This novel and highly interdisciplinary research agenda involves disciplines like Social Science, Economics, Psychology, Geography, Operations Research, and Computer Science. My current research focus is twofold. On the methodological frontier I aim to advance the model development strategies for ooABM, through the Engineering Agent-Based Social Simulations (EABSS) toolkit. On the practical frontier I look at novel uses of simulation for studying Urban Sustainability (including Smart Cities and Smart Roads), modelling Human Behaviour in Floods using ooABM and Virtual Reality, and modelling people's wellbeing at local and global scale. I was a co-investigator in the Leverhulme funded project Sustaining Urban Habitats. Furthermore, I am working together with Nottingham City Council's Transport Strategy Department on some Smart City projects.
Latest News, Resources, and Publications
  • Teaching > Promoted to Guest Pofessor at Uni Graz, delivering parts of the Seminar "Service System Design with Agent Based Modelling"

  • Journal Paper > Ho KJ, Özcan E, and Siebers PO (2024). Efficient Multi-Objective Simulation Metamodeling for Researchers. Algorithms 17(1)41, DOI: https://doi.org/10.3390/a17010041; open access. [2022 IF: 2.3]

  • Journal Paper > Ranjbari M, Esfandabadi ZS, Siebers PO, Pisano P, and Quatraro F (2023) 'Digitally enabled food sharing platforms towards effective waste management in a circular economy: A system dynamics simulation model', Technovation, DOI: 10.1016/j.technovation.2023.102939; open access. [2022 IF: 12.5]

  • Handbook > Engineering Agent-Based Social Simulations (EABSS) 2.0 Survival Pack (including marketing material and instructions for moderators) [zip archive]

  • Conference Paper (Refereed) > Allcock R and Siebers PO (2023) 'Crowd health encoding, for crowd simulations using the smoothed particle hydrodynamics computational method', In: Proceedings of the 18th Social Simulation Conference (SSC2023), 4-8 Sep, Glasgow, UK [slides]

  • Invited Talk > Siebers PO (2023) 'Welcome to the Secret World of Agents - How to Simulate Business Scenarios using Agent-Based Modelling'. Closing talk given at the CBIM Conference on Business and Industrial Marketing 2023, 13 Jun, Graz, Austria [slides]

  • Website > Engineering Agent-Based Social Simulations Toolkit [website]

  • Poster > Siebers PO (2023) 'Everything you always wanted to know about Dr Siebers (academic details only :) - 2nd Edition', In: Proceedings of the 11th OR Society Simulation Workshop (SW23), 27-29 Mar, Southampton, UK [poster]

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