Peer-Olaf Siebers (PhD)



Office Hour:
Assistant Professor

School of Computer Science
Intelligent Modelling & Analysis Research Group (IMA)
The University of Nottingham

+44 (0)115 84 66526
+44 (0)115 95 14799

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I fully support the Statement on Terrorist Attacks by scientists and scholars of the global SIMSOC network.
Mission Statement
Agent-Oriented Discrete Event Simulation (AO-DES) is a novel stochastic approach to study the dynamics of complex adaptive systems. There are numerous application opportunities to use this approach for enhancing the modelling and analysis of human-centric operations and service systems in fields like Operations Research, Energy Policy, Management Science and Digital Economy. However, methods still need to be further developed, tested, and standardised.

My research goal is to establish AO-DES as an alternative to the predominately mathematic methods currently used by researchers and practitioners. I am also interested in the application of different types of modelling and simulation to support Risk Analysis and in applying Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation (ABM/S) in Systems Biology.

To find out more, have a look at:
  • IMA New Members Welcome Presentation (2016 Edition): [url]
  • IMA Poster Day Poster (2012 Edition): [url]
  • If you want to have a recipe for successfully developing Agent-Based Social Simulation models, have a look at my latest work: [presentation] [poster] [illustrative example]

  • My colleague Tom Rodden gave an excellent interview on work-life balance and how to survive in academia [url]. Excellent tips :).

  • I delivered a guest lecture at SBE Loughborough on Agent-Based Social Simulation. Slides are available here [url]

  • Finally, my JASSS Special Issue "Engineering Agent Based Social Simulations" is out. Many thanks to everyone who helped with it! The Editorial can bew found here [url]

  • I passed my PGCHE :). A summary of my TD and IP courseworks in form of a working paper 'Changing the Assessment Strategy for the Computer Science Module "Simulation for Decision Support": A Longitudinal Study' can be found here [url]

  • We have won the EMSS2014 Best Paper Award for our paper: "Faboya OT and Siebers PO (2014) On the Search for Novel Simulation Application to Support Airport Operations Management" [url]

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