Bayreuth International Summer School 2013
Modelling and Simulation for Decision Support

  • Dr Peer-Olaf Siebers (School of Computer Science, Nottingham University, UK) [url]
  • Dr Stephan Onggo (Management School, Lancaster University, UK) [url]

  • Bayreuth University: Chair of Information Systems Management [url]

Summary of Content

Systems simulation is becoming increasingly popular as a decision support tool in Operations Research and Management Science. This can be accounted to the recent increase in data availability and improvements of speed in computer hardware. Systems simulation helps to better understand the processes currently in place and shows the consequences of changes to these processes over time. Besides its standard application of studying the operations of a system it has more recently also gained attention as a useful tool for studying the behaviour of people in human centred service systems.

Three broad simulation paradigms exist: system dynamics, discrete event, and agent-based. This module will explain each of them in detail so that students will be competent in choosing and implementing the right method for their particular problem. Students will also learn the general principles and techniques used in modelling and simulation and will gain some practical experience in how to design and implement their own simulation models (which requires some programming).

Please Note: An updated version of slides/models can be found here [url].

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  • Day 1:
    • BISS Lecture 00: Personal Introduction and Course Mission Statement [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 01: Introduction to Modelling and Simulation [slides] [models]
    • BISS Lecture 02: Introduction to Simulation Paradigms [slides] [models]
    • BISS Lecture 03: Introduction to the AnyLogic IDE - Part 1 (Practice) [slides] [tutorial] [models]
    • BISS Lecture 04: The Life Cycle of a Simulation Study [slides] [models]
    • BISS Lecture 05: Modelling Exercise Part 1 (Group Activity) [slides]

  • Day 2:
    • BISS Lecture 06: Conceptual Modelling Concepts and Techniques [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 07: Conceptual Model Representation using UML [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 08: UML Practice (Group Activity) [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 09: Introduction to the AnyLogic IDE Part 2 (Practice) [slides] [models]
    • BISS Lecture 10: Modelling Exercise Part 2 [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 11: Conceptual Modelling Case Study (Group Activity) [slides]

  • Day 3:
    • BISS Lecture 12: Systems Thinking and System Dynamics Modelling and Simulation [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 13: Systems Dynamics Case Study [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 14: Conceptual System Dynamics Modelling (Group Activity) [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 15: System Dynamics Modelling and Simulation in AnyLogic (Practice) [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 16: Discrete Event Modelling and Simulation [slides] [models] [handout]
    • BISS Lecture 17: Discrete Event Simulation Case Study [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 18: Discrete Event Modelling and Simulation in AnyLogic (Practice) [slides] [models]

  • Day 4:
    • BISS Lecture 19: Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 20: Agent-Based Simulation Case Study [slides] [models]
    • BISS Lecture 21: Conceptual Agent-Based Modelling (Group Activity) [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 22: Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation in AnyLogic (Practice) [slides] [tutorial BlobWorld] [tutorial EnergyUser] [models]
    • BISS Lecture 23: Hybrid Modelling and Simulation [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 24: Hybrid Simulation Case Study [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 25: Discussing your own Project

  • Day 5:
    • BISS Lecture 26: Data Collection [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 27: Input Modelling [slides] [data]
    • BISS Lecture 28: Model Verification and Validation [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 29: Experimental Design and Experimentation [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 30: Output Analysis [slides]
    • BISS Lecture 31: Discussing your own Project

  • ESSA Summer School 2013: Video Lectures [url]
  • Andrei Borshchev: The Big Book of AnyLogic [url]
  • Nathaniel Osgood: Agent-Based Modeling for Healthcare Policy [url]
  • WSC Proceedings: Introductory Tutorials [url]
  • The New Boston: Java for Beginners [url]
  • AnyTips: Workshop website with some sample models [url]

Recommended Reading
  • Morecroft (2007) Strategic Modelling and Business Dynamics: A Feedback Systems Approach (3e)
  • Robinson (2004) Simulation: The Practice of Model Development
  • Allen (2011) Introduction to Discrete Event Simulation and Agent-Based Modelling
  • Gilbert and Troitzsch (2005) Simulation for the Social Scientist (2e)
  • Sierra and Bates (2009) Head First Java (2e)

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