G54SIM: Simulation for Decision Support (Spring 2016)

Module Convenor: Peer-Olaf Siebers [website]


This module introduces you to three broad simulation paradigms commonly used in Operations Research and Management Science: System Dynamics, Discrete Event, and Agent-Based. Covering topics such as the introduction to the principles of modelling and simulation, conceptual modelling, model implementation, and output analysis, you will become competent in choosing and implementing the correct method for your particular problem. You will spend around four hours per week in lectures and computer classes for this module.

Please Note: A newer version of the module can be found here [url].


Lab 00: Cancelled
Lecture 01: Introduction to Modelling and Simulation [full slides]
Lab 01: Discussion of Case Studies + Running Sample Models [tasks]
Lecture 02: Simulation Studies: An Overview [full slides]
Lab 02: Introduction to AnyLogic (and Java) [full slides] [tasks] [models] [tips]
Lecture 03: Conceptual Modelling [full slides]
Lab 03: Group Activity - Initial Brainstorming [activity] [groups] THIS SESSION IS COMPULSORY!
Lecture 04: Simulation Methods: Discrete Event Simulation + Running Focus Groups [full slides] [worksheet] [simulator]
Lab 04: Group Activity - Focus Group [full slides] THIS SESSION IS COMPULSORY!
Lecture 05: Simulation Methods: Agent-Based Simulation [full slides]
Lab 05: Group Activity - Presentation + Reflection (we do this in C60) [coursework] THIS SESSION IS COMPULSORY!
Lecture 06: Simulation Methods: System Dynamics Simulation [full slides]
Lab 06: Going through some tutorials [full slides] [additional tutorial]
Lecture 07: Input Modelling [full slides]
Lab 07: Continue with tutorials from Lab 06
Lecture 08: Model Testing + Experiment Preparation (Part 1) [full slides] [analysis material]
Lab 08: Individual Project Work (with technical AnyLogic support by Tuong)
Lecture 09: Experiment Preparation (Part 2) + Experimentation + Output Analysis [lecture slides] [conference slides]
Lab 09: Individual Project Work (with technical AnyLogic support by Tuong)
Lecture 10: Implementation + Simulation Project Analysis + Real World Applications


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