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Simulation Journal Club
Local discussion forum for people interested in simulation, meeting bi-weekly. Papers discussed are be related to (1) simulation modelling in general, or (2) the research that the journal club members are involved in, or (3) relevant research methods, or (4) entertaining papers about Computer Science. An alternative to discussing papers could be to discuss video lectures posted on YouTube.
Papers for discussion:
  • 20/09/2018
    • Jonathan presenting "Collier and Ozik (2013) Test-Driven Agent-Based Simulation Development."
    • Peer presenting "Asta et al (2014) An Investigation into Test-Driven Discrete Event Simulation"

  • 06/09/2018
    • Sameh presenting "Deniz and Sen (2016) Using machine learning techniques to detect parallel patterns of multi-threaded applications"
    • Olusola giving a conference presentation on "Transportation Modeshift Modelling"

  • 23/08/2018
    • Peer presenting "Luna-Ramirez and Fasli (2018) Bridging the gap between ABM and MAS - A disaster-rescue simulation using Jason and NetLogo"
    • Olusola presenting "Balke and Gilbert (2014) How Do Agents Make Decisions - A Survey"

  • 09/08/2018
    • Peer presenting "Janssen (2016) Impact of diverse behavioral theories on environmental management - Explorations with Daisyworld"

  • 14/06/2018
    • Peer presenting "Davidsson (2002) Agent Based Social Simulation: A Computer Science View"
    • Peer presenting "Pautasso (2013) Ten Simple Rules for Writing a Literature Review"

  • 24/05/2018
    • Jonathan presenting "Bostrom (2003) Are you living in a computer simulation?"
    • James presenting "Foerster et al (2018) Learning with opponent-learning awareness"

  • 10/05/2018
    • Sameh presented "Jain (2010) Data clustering - 50 years beyond K-means"
    • Olusola presented "Rand (2006) Machine learning meets agent-based modeling - When not to go to a bar"

  • 26/04/2018
    • Kwabena presented "Parry and Bithell (2012) Large scale agent-based modelling - A review and guidelines for model scaling"
    • Peer presented "Juan et al (2015) A review of simheuristics: Extending metaheuristics to deal with stochastic combinatorial optimization problems"

  • 12/04/2018
    • Sudhir presented "Fagiolo et al (2007) A critical guide to empirical validation of agent-based models in Economics: Methodologies, procedures, and open problems"
    • Jonathan presented "Macal (2016) Everything you need to know about agent based modelling and simulation"

  • 29/03/2018
    • Olusola presented "Robinson et la (2004) Simulation model reuse: Definitions, benefits and obstacles"
    • Sameh presented "Nicosia et al (2008) Extending the definition of modularity to directed graphs with overlapping communities"

  • 15/03/2018
    • Jonathan presented "Backus (1977) Can programming be liberated from the von Neumann style? A functional style and its algebra of programs"
    • Kwabena presented "Keshav (2007) How to read a paper"

  • 01/03/2018
    • Sudhir presented "Funk et al (2014) Nine challenges in incorporating the dynamics of behaviour in infectious diseases models"
    • James presented "Arthur (1994) Inductive reasoning and bounded rationality"

  • 15/02/2018
    • Peer presented "Brooks (1996) The computer scientist as toolsmith II"
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