Below is a list of resources (papers and books), which are all somehow related to my teaching and research. This is a first attempt to organise the huge amount of resources that I have accumulated over the years. The list has been produced with the help of Docear. It will be updated frequently as I still have a lot of resources that have not been organised yet. So make sure to check back from time to time.

Your comments on how to better organise these resources (e.g. help with reducing the number of sub categories, identifying misclassifications, etc.) are very much appreciated. It would also be great if you could inform me of any additional resources that you think should be listed here.

A useful method to find specific resources is to unfold the whole tree (click [Unfold All]) and then using the browser search to search for relevant keywords.
  • Papers are listed in the following format: authors (year) title
  • Books are listed in the following format: title [authors year]
To find the complete reference of a resource (paper or book) simply copy the relevant tree entry and then paste it into Google Scholar. This will provide you with the complete reference and often also a download link.
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