Please note that all my MSc projects for this summer/autumn are taken (some still need to be confirmed, but I have already a waiting list for those). Alternative supervisors with similar topics are Dario Landa-Silva, Ender Ozcan, and Colin Johnson.
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Dissertation Projects
Here is a list of dissertation project ideas that require some further thoughts and discussions. Some of these are more research oriented (focusing on building a test bed for scientific investigations, evaluated via experimentation) and others are more engineering oriented (focusing on software development, evaluated via software and user tests). All projects are open to modification and negotiation, if you think you have a good idea to make them more interesting.
Research Oriented Project Ideas
Building a test bed for scientific investigations, evaluated via experimentation.
  • NEW Prototyping ideas for SimPy/Mesa extentions (BSc dissertation; good programming skills in Python required)
  • Testing different ways of knowledge representation in the Hybrid Climate Assessment Model (see here for more)
  • Testing the usefulness of AI decision modelling through "utility theory" and "fuzzy logic" (see here for more)
    • Application example: Optimising software development team compositions
  • Energy-efficient data forwarding in mobile wireless sensor networks
    • Mixing behavioural and software agent modelling + optimisation
    • Application example: Simulating the use of sensors to track elephants
  • Benchmarking work efficiency for software maintenance
  • Smart transportation/smart roads/smart cities
    • Using data science methods to improve the "Smarter Travel - Nottingham" platform (see here for frontend)
    • Novel modelling/simulation approaches for exploring smart transportation/smart roads/smart cities ideas
  • Exploring opportunities for simulating manual assembly lines more effectively with the help of artificial intelligence (see here for more)
Software Engineering Oriented Project Ideas
Software development, evaluated via software and user tests.
  • Maintaining and extending the Hybrid Climate Assessment Model (see here for more)
    • Generating synthetic populations for simulation models
  • Maintaining and extending the UoN ABM Toolkit
    • Add editor for state machine diagrams (drawing; error check; translation into code)
    • Add process flow elements to allow hybrid DES/ABS modelling
    • Add an optimisation engine (e.g. HeuristicLab)
  • Developing an uncommon (card)game with virtual (AI driven) players which can help the elderly to have a greater awareness of their own energy consumption (previous implementations include an adapted version of Yaniv)
  • Improving "code2uml", a tool for generating UML class diagrams from java .class/.jar files (see here for more)
  • Creating a multi-agent system basketball emulator in Java/Python (inspired by Buckland (2005) Chapter 4)
  • Providing additional statistics for Google Scholar profiles
  • Smart transportation/smart roads/smart cities
    • Adding more functionality to the "Smarter Travel - Nottingham" platform (see here for frontend)
    • Generating synthetic populations for simulation models
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PhD students
PhD students: Main supervisor
  • Kunpeng Wang [email]
    • Multi-scale model integration for the large-scale analysis of complex urban energy system

PhD students waiting for their viva or doing corrections
  • James Burnett (doing corrections) [email]
    • What can user data relating to proximity and orientation tell us about real-world vs. simulation for interactive content delivery

PhD students: Completions
  • Dr James Hey
    • Surrogate Optimisation for Resource Intensive Agent Based Simulation of Domestic Energy Retrofit Uptake with Environmentally Conscious Agents

  • Dr Kwabena Amponsah
    • Distributed Computing and Optimisation of Complex Urban Systems

  • Dr Olusola Faboya
    • The use of Computer Science practices and methods for developing Social Simulations to stimulate changes in travellers' mode choice

  • Dr Felix Osebor
    • Sustainable urban mobility: A modelling framework for cities in rapidly developing countries

  • Dr Tim Whiteley
    • Integrated whole system modelling and optimisation of city resource flows

  • Dr Jonathan Thaler
    • Functional Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation

  • Dr Shadab Mashuk
    • Application of indoor positioning to understand building energy consumption using an occupancy model

  • Dr Xia Li
    • Port operation evaluation with simulation and fuzzy based multi-stakeholder multi-criteria decision analysis

  • Dr Sudhir Venkatesan
    • A Framework for Multi-Method Simulation of Antiviral Treatment for A(H1N1) Pandemic Influenza

  • Dr Tuong Vu
    • A Software Engineering Approach for Agent-Based Modelling of Public Goods Games

  • Dr Jacob Chapman
    • Multi-agent stochastic simulation of occupants' comfort and behaviour

  • Dr Mazlina Abdul Majid
    • Human behaviour modelling: An investigation using traditional discrete event and combined discrete event and agent-based simulation

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Tips for Tutees
During the personal tutee meetings I promise many of you to send links to further information. I thought that these links might also be useful for all other tutees (at least at some point in your student life). So I am collecting these links and post them below. I hope you find this useful.
When you begin your studies at the UoN, it is VERY IMPORTANT that, you register with local health services as soon as possible. Here is some information about The UoN Health Service [url]. Don't forget to also register with a dentist.
UoN Essentials
  • UoN CompSci School [url]
  • UoN CompSci School: Staff [url]
  • UoN CompSci School: Courses [url]
  • UoN Programme Specification (Course and Module Details) (internal access only) [url]
  • UoN CompSci Intranet (UG/PGT/PhD/Proj Handbook) (internal access only) [url]
  • UoN Quality Manual [url]
  • UoN Moodle [url]
  • UoN Student Services [url]
  • UoN Maps and localities (Jubilee Campus, and beyond) [url]
  • UoN Covid related news and test centre locations [url]
  • UoN Life on campus [url]
  • UoN Smart bar (IT questions) [url]
  • UoN Building, Activity and Room Code Information [url]
Support in Corona Times
  • UoN Covid19 Information [url]
  • UoN Student Services: Help [url]
  • UoN Counselling Service Self-Help Resources [url]
  • UoN Remote Study Request [url]
  • UoN HealthyU [url]
  • UoN Student Union: Advice [url]
  • UoN Student Union: Help with Extenuating Circumstances [url]
  • Student Minds [url]
  • COMP1002 - Welcome Session Slides [url]
  • COMP1002 - Document with Useful Links and Contacts (last update: 22/09/2020) [url]
Useful links for all kind of topics related to student life
  • UoN General: Studying Effectively [url]
  • UoN GradSchool: Wellbeing Resources [url]
  • UoN Counselling Services: Home [url]
  • UoN Counselling Services: Self Help Resources [url]
Some Wisdom for Life
  • "Where Is The Love?" Lyrics for the song by the BLACK EYED PEAS [url] (and the video [url])
  • "Imagine" Lyrics for the song by JOHN LENNON [url] (and the UNICEF World Version video [url])
Learning Resources
  • Book: Computer Science Distilled: Learn the Art of Solving Computational Problems {hot tip}
  • Book: Computer Science Unleashed: Harness the Power of Computational Systems {hot tip}
  • Bucky's Room: Learn to Program: [url]
  • Yet Another Insignificant ... Programming Notes [url] {hot tip}
  • Programming with Mosh [url] {hot tip}
  • LearnCPP - Tutorials to help you master C++ and Object Oriented Programming [url]
  • Justin Zobel (2015) Writing for Computer Science - 3e [url]
  • Books: "Head First" Series [url]
  • UoN GradSchool: Funding Opportunities [url]
  • UoN Doctoral Training Programmes [url]
  • UoN International Office: International Students - Scholarships [url]
  • Alternative Guide to Postgraduate funding (through grants from charity) [url]
PhDs and Jobs
  • PhD Places and Academic Jobs ( [url]
  • Find a PhD [url]
Career and Internships
  • Future Cities Catapult - Paid Summer Internships [url]
  • UoN Careers Service: Book a Careers Appointment [url]
  • UoN Careers Service: Careers Handbook (Bright Career Ideas Happen Here) [url]
  • UoN Unitemps Nottingham Job Search [url]
  • Bright Network (for students from Russell Group Universities) [url]
  • Indeed (jobs and internships) [url]
  • Work in Start-Ups (short notice internships; high success rate): jobs [url]: internships [url] {hot tip}
  • Graduate Talent Pool (government website for finding internships) [url]
  • UoN Careers Service: Internships and Placement Vacancies [url]
  • UoN Careers Service: Booklet - Becoming a Global Graduate [url]
  • GigaJob: One of the biggest job sites worldwide (and free to use:) [url] {hot tip}
Student Exchange Programs (not only for international students)
  • UoN Main: Study Abroad [url] {hot tip}
Dissertation and Group Project
  • Solent Uni: Your Online Guide to Becoming a Better Learner [url] {hot tip}
  • Solent Uni: Dissertation Proposals & Writing Dissertations [url]
  • Solent Uni: Time Management and Group Work [url]
  • UoN Library: Walliman (2013) Your Undergraduate Dissertation: The Essential Guide for Success [url]
  • Project and Dissertation Handbooks (requires login) [url]
  • Help for your Dissertation Project: "Learning Lab - Writing Skills" by RMIT University [url]
  • Help for your Dissertation Presentation: "Giving an Academic Talk" by Jonathan Shewchuk [url]
Misc (in responses to specific questions asked during tutorials)
  • UoN Student Services: Timetables [url]
  • UoN Student Services: Exam Periods [url]
  • UoN Student Services: Past Exam Papers [url]
  • UoN Student Services: Study Resources [url]
  • UoN Student Services: Study Resources - Revision and Examination [url]
  • UoN Student Services: Time Management for Students - Tips and Tricks [url]
  • UoN Student Services: Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedures [url]
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