During the personal tutee meetings I promise many of you to send links to further information. I thought that these links might also be useful for all other tutees (at least at some point in your student life). So I am collecting these links and post them below. I hope you find this useful.
UoN Essentials
  • UoN CompSci School [url]
  • UoN CompSci School Staff [url]
  • UoN CompSci School Courses [url]
  • UoN Programme Specification Catalogue (Course Details and Rules) [url]
  • UoN Module Specification Catalogue [url]
  • UoN CompSci UG + PGT + PhD + Project Handbooks (internal access only) [url]
  • UoN Quality Manual [url]
  • UoN Moodle [url]
Useful links for all kind of topics related to student life
  • G51TUT Introduction (a collection of useful links for UoN freshers) [part 1 url] [part 2 url]
    • Please note: Slides are from 2014 - some rules/links have changed since then! Please check the quality manual for the latest updates to rules
  • UoN: Studying Effectively [url]
  • UoN GradSchool: Useful Links for Students [url]
  • UoN Counselling Services: Home [url]
  • UoN Counselling Services: Booklet on "Dealing with Assessment and Examination Anxiety" [pdf]
  • UoN Counselling Services: Booklet on "Dealing with Anxiety and Panic Attacks" [pdf]
Some Wisdom for Life
  • "Where Is The Love?" Lyrics for the song by the BLACK EYED PEAS [url] (and the video [url])
  • "Imagine" Lyrics for the song by JOHN LENNON [url] (and the video [url])
Learning Resources
  • Bucky's Room: Learn to Program: [url]
  • Yet Another Insignificant ... Programming Notes (Lecture Notes by Chua Hock-Chuan) [url] {hot tip}
  • LearnCPP - Tutorials to help you master C++ and Object Oriented Programming [url]
  • Justin Zobel (2015) Writing for Computer Science - 3e [url]
  • "Head First" Series [url] {hot tip}
  • UoN GradSchool: Funding Opportunities [url]
  • UoN Doctoral Training Programmes [url]
  • UoN International Office: International Students - Scholarships [url]
  • Alternative Guide to Postgraduate funding (through grants from charity) [url]
PhDs and Jobs
  • PhD Places and Academic Jobs (jobs.ac.uk) [url]
  • Find a PhD [url]
Career and Internships
  • Digital Catapult Centre London - Paid Summer Internships [url]
  • UoN Careers Service: Book a Careers Appointment [url]
  • UoN Careers Service: Careers Timetable (what to consider at each stage of your studies) [url]
  • Bright Network (for students from Russell Group Universities) [url]
  • Indeed (jobs and internships) [url]
  • Work in Start-Ups (short notice internships; high success rate): jobs [url]: internships [url] {hot tip}
  • Graduate Talent Pool (government website for finding internships) [url]
  • UoN Careers Service: Internships and Placement Vacancies [url]
  • UoN Careers Service: Booklet - Becoming a Global Graduate [url]
  • GigaJob: One of the biggest job sites worldwide (and free to use:) [url] {hot tip}
Student Exchange Programs (not only for international students)
  • UoN Main: Study Abroad [url] {hot tip}
Group and Dissertation Projects
  • UoN Library: Walliman (2013) Your Undergraduate Dissertation: The Essential Guide for Success [unloc]
  • Project and Dissertation Handbooks (requires login) [url]
  • Help for your Dissertation Project: "Learning Lab - Writing Skills" by RMIT University [url]
  • Help for your Dissertation Presentation: "Giving an Academic Talk" by Jonathan Shewchuk [url]
Misc (in responses to specific questions asked during tutorials)
  • UoN Academic Services: Timetables [url]
  • UoN Academic Services: Exam Periods [url]
  • UoN Academic Services: Study Resources - Tips and Tricks [url]
  • UoN Academic Services: Time Management for Students - Tips and Tricks [url]
  • UoN Academic Services: Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Procedures [url]
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