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Peter Blanchfield - Biographical Information

I first joined the University in 1983 in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I left the University in 1989 and worked in the Philippines till 1998. I rejoined the  University in 1999 to become part of the team that established the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. I returned to teach at the UK campus in 2005.

Administration and Teaching

Since returning to the UK campus in 2005 I have had a number of administrative roles - including Director of the IT Institute and Senior Tutor in the School of Computer Science. Along with several other Schools I worked with the Nottingham University Bussiness School Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in setting up  one of the joint degrees with Entrepreneurship - The MSc in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship which was discontinued in 2014.

I have presented a number of different modules since 2005 - mostly around the software engineering theme - and largely on the MSc degrees. However, in the 2013 - 2014 year I taught a year three module in Software Quality Management for the first time and taught the second year Graphical User Interfaces module.  I have taken over in running the Second Year Software Engineering Group Project.  While the project itself has run well for many years it is now an opportunity more than ever for students to learn what life is like in the real world of Software Engineering.  In line with aspirations to give our students training that will help them find good employment once graduated we are now including a lot of industrial and business partners in specifying projects.  This is in line with recommendations from the Shadbolt Review.


When I came back to the UK in 2005 my research had been mostly in the area of image and signal processing.  However, a number of PhD students needed support in the area of eLearning and I began to supervise these.  As a result I became a member of the Learning Sciences Research Institute LSRI which is a collaboration between people in Computer Science, Education and Psychology with some input from other schools. In the School at the moment only Dr Gail Hopkins is left with whom I have shared a number of research student supervisions. Others have now moved on. As part of this process I also began to undertake PhD student supervision in the area of Serious Games - both for Educational and Therapeutic purposes.  As a result I am on the organising committee of the European Conference on Games Based Learning - ECGBL. In 2018 the conference will be in SKEMA Business School, Sophia Antipolis, France on the 4th - 5th October.

IBIT extension

The IBit Project was designed to develop a novel approach to the treatment of Amblyopia. Details of the work are available on the Lazy-I-bit page.

My work on the use of games to help in theraputic treatments has led to my involvement with the  MindTech Helthcare Technology Co-operative which invovles input from the University of Nottingham Institute for Mental Health in collaboration with others in collaboration with others in Computer Science, Engineering, SMEs and the Public and Patient groups.

I am now also part of a research program working on extension of the IBiT project for treating Amblyopia which is funded by  the NIHR I4I.  This is in collaboration with Opthalmologists and others from several hospitals, the School of Psychology and Faculty of Engineering, Human Factors Research Group from Nottingham and the University of Hul School of Computer Science.

With Dr Michel Valstar  and Dr Martin Flintham I have begun work on games that use developments in human expression recognition.  As a result I have once more begun to be more interested in Computer Vision and so have joined the thumbnail of the Computer Vision Laboratory logo 

Current research students:

Writing up -

Mas Idayu Md Sabri - Using kinesthetic games to help early years learning of reading

Corrections pending:
Erni Marlina bt. Saari - Motivation in learning programming

Completed and waiting graduation:
Claudia Igbrude - Colaboration in mobile elearning environments

Research students who have recently graduated:
Abdullah Alturki 2017 - Mobile elearning

Wen Wen Bao 2017 - looking at how children can use mobile technology to improve their unstructured learning experiences. 2017

Further former PhD students: Maria Petridou 2014, Ahmad Fatzilah Misman 2014, Mohd. Syarqawy Hamzah 2013, Reham Alabbadi (MRes) 2012, Ying Liangzhong 2012, Hend Alshanqiti 2011, Ahmad Naim Che Pee 2011, Chen X L 2011, John Carr 2010, Ammar Albakka 2010, Ilknur Celik 2008, Maram Meccawy 2008, Cheryl Lee 2006, Wahida Mansoor 2006, Nasredeen Hallam 2005, Hui Na Chua 2005, Simon Pomeroy 1989, Paul Lefley 1989, Boujamer Mehini 1988, Boubaker Benzeltout 1988

Contact Details:

Telephone: +44 (0)115 8466511. Fax: +44 (0)115 8468391. E-mail: Office: B70