• Video/Photo Mashup

  • Content-based Image Indexing and Retrieval

  • Computational Photography or Making Beautiful Pictures
Video/Photo Mashup

Mashup (Wiki) is a web application that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool.

Here are some examples

Flickrvision (http://flickrvision.com/)

More examples here (http://mashupawards.com/)

There are many possibilities, and you can develop some very interesting and useful tools.

Content-based Image Indexing and Retrieval

Managing large image database is very challenging. We take a content-based approach and want to develop systems that will enable users to query image databases by visual examples or visual features such as colour and texture.

In 2004/05 academic year, Ben Bedwell did his FYP on this topic and developed this system: www.theimagerepository.co.uk, you can extend, improve this system, or do something very different. In any case, it will be fun.

More information can be found in these links


If you are interested in doing a project in this area, please come to see me, there will be many fun things you can do.

Computational Photography or Making Beautiful Pictures

Have you ever wondered why the picture quality of some of the photos you took with your digital camera was so bad, like the left photo in the follwing image

Well, by doing this project you will know why, and learn how to correct this using computational approaches, to produce a "beautiful" picture like the one on the right in the above image.

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