Call for Papers

Special Session on Evolutionary Based Hyperheuristics and Their Applications

IEEE CEC2012, at WCCI2012

June 10-15 Brisbane, Australia

Session chairs
Rong Qu, A. Sima Uyar

Hyper-heuristics have recently attracted an increasing research attention in a wide range of disciplines including artificial intelligence, operations research, engineering and computer science. Researchers in hyper-heuristics aim to design and develop general solvers for a range of problems rather than concerning dedicated algorithms for specific problems or problem instances. Due to its efficiency and generality in providing “good enough, fast enough” solutions in solving various problems with less amount of tuning effort, hyper-heuristics have been applied to a range of domains including optimization functions, combinatorial optimization, as well as scheduling, timetabling and planning.

This special session is being organized as an activity of the Intelligent Systems Applications Technical Committee of the Computational Intelligence Society at IEEE, and aims to bring together advanced developments in both research and practice of hyper-heuristics and widen the existing applications on various problems in education, industry, engineering, management and business, etc. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Bin packing
  • Combinatorial optimization
  • Engineering design
  • Resource management
  • Hybrid methods for scheduling problems
  • Routing
  • Scheduling, timetabling, planning
  • Other real world problems
  • Theory:
  • Theoretical or empirical analysis of hyper-heuristics
  • Cooperative hyper-heuristics
  • Multi-objective hyper-heuristics
  • Hyper-heuristics in dynamic environments
  • Parallel hyper-heuristics
  • Benchmark problems and performance metrics in evaluation of hyper-heuristic
  • Hybrid methods between hyper-heuristics and other computational intelligence techniques
  • Comparative studies of hyper-heuristics and other computational intelligence techniques
    Papers should be submitted following the instructions at the WCCI 2012 website. More details available soon.

    Please refer to the WCCI 2012 web site.

    Dr Rong Qu
    School of Computer Science
    University of Nottingham
    Nottingham, UK
    Dr A. Sima Uyar
    Istanbul Technical University
    Computer Engineering Department
    Istanbul, TURKEY
    Jason Atkin, UK
    Ruibin Bai, UK
    Jürgen Branke, UK
    David Corne, UK
    Peter Cowling, UK
    Graham Kendall, UK
    E. Erkan Korkmaz, Turkey
    Dario Landa-Silva, UK
    Jingpeng Li, China
    Gabriela Ochoa, UK
    Yew-Soon Ong, Singapore
    Ender Ozcan, UK
    Andrew Parkes, UK
    Sanja Petrovic, UK
    Nelishia Pillay, South Africa
    Thomas Stutzle, Belgium
    Greet Vanden Berghe, Belgium