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Postgraduate Taught Courses 2015/2016

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Week One Events and Information

PGT Regulations and Assessment

The 2015/16 examination timetable isn't due for release until November. The Autumn exam period runs in January 2016, and the Spring exam period runs in May/June 2016.

If you have questions regarding specific reassessment please contact with your tutor to seek advices. PGT students are offered the degree subject to the following conditions.

  • MSc PASS: mean marks of 50% or more; no more than 40 credits < 50%, with no more than 10 credits < 40% and no marks < 30%;
  • MSc with MERIT: mean marks of 60% or above (based on first marks only, no resits);
  • MSc with DISTINCTION: mean marks of 70% or above (based on first marks only, no resits);
  • Resit marks are used only for qualifying a PASS degree. First marks account for classification purposes and appear in the degree transcripts.

Module Entry Form

  1. Your compulsory modules are already included in your Module Entry Form (MEF).
  2. To choose optional modules, in the first two weeks, you are encouraged to attend all modules. Your timetable provides you the time and venue of the lectures. Your Programme Specification provides the list of optional modules you may choose from.
  3. You should put your Spring modules temporarily in MEF. At the beginning of Spring, you could amend these in your MEF.
  4. For MSc HCI students only
    • If you haven't taken modules on database and computer network in your first degree, we receommend you to take G54DBS and G54INC.
    • You should choose either G54PRG or MM4COG according to the level of your programming skills.
  5. Before submitting MEF, check if you have in total 180 credits in your MEF. We recommend 60 credits each in Autumn and Spring semesters. Please also include the summer project (60 credits) in your MEF.
  6. If your optional module choices are in accordance with your programme specification (optional modules in your programme specification), sign your MEF and submit it to the School Office by 7th Oct. Please note that your Autumn modules cannot be changed after you submit MEF.
  7. If you have questions, please see your Course Advisor Thur 1st Oct 2-4pm or Tue 6th Oct 1.30-4pm, Room C71. You may prefer to book an appointment by signing your name to a timeslot on the C71 office door.

Using Moodle

  • Modules in you MEF will appear in Moodle after you submitted your MEF. Please note only those modules in your MEF are officially registered to your degree and appear in your manuscript.
  • To search for a module in Moodle, click "Site home" on the left hand side menu.
  • Some modules allow self enrol, click the small icon next to the module name; or click the "participate in module" button.
  • If you can't see the icon or the button, please contact with the module convenor. If you can see the icon or button but still encounter problems, please contact with the School Office A32.

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