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Introduction on Artificial Intelligence (G51IAI)

This is the module page for 2011/2012. Module materials for 2012/2013 are available at Moodle.

Tue 11am-1pm
Exch LT2
Topics Comment
31st Jan Introduction & AI History AIMA*: Sec 1.1-1.4, Sec 26.1-21.2
7th Feb Neural Network I AIMA: Sec 20.5
14th Feb Neural Network II AIIS*: Sec 6
21st Feb Data Mining AIIS: Sec 9.7; Q&A, Feedback
  lab session on neural networks 22nd/23rd Feb, A32
28th Feb Problem Space & Blind Search AIMA: Sec 3.1-3.5
6th Mar Blind Searches notes AIMA: Sec 3.1-3.5
13th Mar Heuristic Search Q&A, Feedback
20th Mar Game Playing AIMA: Sec 6.1-6.3
  tutorial, notes 10.00-11.00, 21st Mar, Exch C33
27th Mar Resolution & Knowledge Representation Q&A, Feedback, Revision
* see the above textbooks


The assessment of this module is 100% on exam. Marks will be awarded for the first FOUR questions attempted in the answer book. You need to clearly state on the front page of the answer book the FOUR questions you have attempted.

Past exam paper: note that new content may be introduced and assessed each year, details given in lectures.
2011/2012 Exam Feedback
Suggested answers for the 2004/2005 G51IAI exam.

Lab session

In 2011/12 a new lab session will be given to guide students developing a neural network for a bankloan application. The data files are available here 1 2, and instructions. lab groups lab info Details to be given in the first few lectures.

The User's Guide of the Neural Network Toolbox at Matlab.


In 2011/12 a tutorial will be given to address questions raised from the lectures (especially on ANN).

  • Time: 10:00-11:00, Wednesday, 21/03/2012
  • Place: JC-EXCHGE-C33+
  • Resources before tutorial: given in lectures on 6th&13th March.
  • It is expected students send their questions to the module convenor before 20th March. The tutorial will be given based on these questions.
  • Some guidelines will be given on how to address some previous exam questions. Some have already been (and will be) given during the lectures.