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G52AIM - Artificial Intelligence Methods

  • In 2009-10 G52AIM is jointly run by Prof. Kendall and myself. See here for Prof. Kendall's page.
  • Assessment: coursework (25%) and exam (75%)
  • Teaching method: 2-hour lectures on Fri 3-5pm at JC-BSSOUTH-A26+. Module Details and the Timetable.
  • Textbook: "Search methodologies : introductory tutorials in optimization and decision support techniques", E.K. Burke, G. Kendall. (eds). A reading list is here.
  • This is an optional module for a variety of courses, i.e. Computer Science (UCAS Code G400), etc.




Fri 29th Jan Intro & Local search Chapter 1
Fri 5th Feb Simulated annealing & Constructive heuristics Chapter 7, [D95, RR02]
Important: typo in slide 15
Fri 12th Feb Tabu search & Algorithm design issues Chapter 6, [HTD95]
Fri 19th Feb Genetic Programming Chapter 5, see gxk session
Fri 26th Feb Variable neighborhood search & Coursework Chapter 8, [HM01]
Fri 5th Mar Genetic Algorithms Chapter 4, see gxk session
Fri 12th Mar Case study on local search [BCP08]
Fri 19th Mar Ant Algorithms Chapter 14, see gxk session
Tue 23rd Mar Coursework 1 due hand in to A31 by 3pm
Fri 26th Mar Hyperheuristics Chapter 17, see gxk session
2nd-30th Apr Easter Holiday  
Fri 7th May Case Study see gxk session
Tue 11th May Coursework 2 due hand in via cw system by 3pm

Supplementary Readings

Coursework (25%)

2009-2010 coursework I and coursework II (available on 12th Feb 2010, updated on 26th Feb):

  • Part 1 (5%): A report of 2/3 pages on problem and literature. Submission deadline: 23rd March 2010, 4pm, to the School reception A31.
  • Part 2 (20%): Implementation of a search algorithm for solving the 7th instance in the mknap1 dataset in The OR Library. The datafile is here. Submission deadline: 11th May 2010, 3pm, electronic submission following submission instructions at the school.

2009/2010 G52AIM Coursework and Exam feedback.

Exam (75%)

This course is assessed by a two hour examination. Exam questions cover ALL the topics in the lecture slides. Marks will be awarded for the first FOUR questions attempted in the answer book.

Past examination papers can be obtained from the universities examination office (see here). You might also want to look at some exam papers which contain sample answers at Prof. Kendall's page here.

Last updated date 28/Jan/2010