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Rong Qu's BSc/MSc Project Ideas

Recommended modules: G51FAI, G52AIM, G54DMT and other AI or MO modules in the school. It is expected that project students undertaking the projects of the following topics are strong on one of programming languages to carry out the computational study and analysis required.

Type of projects: Algorithm Design and Development; Data Mining and Analysis; Business & Management Modeling
Examples of techniques: data visualisation / aanalysis; AI heuristic algorithms; decision tree; k-means; neural networks; regression; clustering
Examples of applications: transport scheduling / optimisation; resource optimisation; personnel scheduling; financial data analysis; portfolio management; capital budgeting; credit scoring
Software skills: Excel VBA, Excel Solver, Java, C#/C++, etc.

You are encouraged to develop your own project ideas by extending / revising the below ideas so it also falls into your own inetrests.

  • Data visualisation
    To mine useful knowledge / petterns etc. by using data mining techniques including data visualisation. Application domains include visualisation of traffic / transport data (Uber Movement, New York taxi), exchange rate / temperature / weather, credit scoring, etc.
    Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Data mining; Data visualisation Skills: Matlab or data analytical tools; data processing; integration of programming langauges (Java, C++, or C#, VBA Excel, etc.) with data analytical tools
  • Traffic network simulation
    To visualise real-time traffic flows in road maps based on traffic data (Uber Movement, New York taxi data) Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Data mining; Data visualisation; Machine learning; Skills: Matlab or data analytical tools; data processing; integration of programming langauges (Java, C++, or C#, VBA Excel, etc.) with data analytical tools
  • Portfolio optimisation / management tool
    To develop intelligent AI algorithms (Genetic Algorithm or Simulated Annealing, etc.) for portfolio selection problems (selecting combination of assets / stocks from Yahoo! Finance or , to minimise risk and maximise return). Keywords: Portfolio optimisation; Metaheuristics; Computational Finance Skills: AI methods; programming (Java, C++, or C#, VBA Excel, etc.) or Matlab Toolbox
  • Case Based Reasoning (CBR) in financial / industrial applications
    As a knowledge based system CBR provides solutions based on similar problems stored in a case base. The application domains range from industry to finance (credit scoring, financial prediction, route planning, etc.). Keywords: CBR; financial problems; traffic management Skills: programming (Java, C++, or C#, VBA Excell, etc.)
  • Your own project idea
    The scope should be something interesting, and achievable in one year (40 credits of woorkload), depends on your skills and ability to learn new things quickly. Individual projects are different from taught modules mainly on that you'll need a lot of hours of independant study.
    Keywords: These are useful for you to quickly identify references and resources in the literature and market.
    Skills: It's best you utilise the programming skills (Java, C++, or C#, VBA Excell, etc.) you feel the most confident with. Of course, this also depends on the most effective and efficient language for the particular subject.

Some previous BSc/MSc projects:

You may also want to develop your own ideas based on the below previous project, provided enough NEW work is included.

  • Stock Price Prediction using Artificial Neural Network (distinction, best iTi project award)
  • Calculating CAMELS Ratings using Case-Based Reasoning (distinction, best iTi project award)
  • Stock Price Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine (distinction)
  • Constraint Handling in Genetic Algorithms (distinction)
  • Othello: AI Search Algorithm vs. Expert Systems (distinction)
  • Genetic Algorithms to Travelling Salesman Problems (distinction)
  • Traffic Flow Simulation and Diversion Modelling (distinction)
  • Empirical Comparisons of Evolutionary Algorithms to the Tuning of a Chess Engine (distinction)
  • Genetic Algorithms on Function Optimisation
  • Hybrid AI System for Portfolio Optimisation (distinction)
  • Artificial Neural Networks and Decision Tree techniques on Credit Scoring
  • Interactive Course/Module Registration Assistant (group project 2008/09)

Last updated date 2/Oct/2010