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Rong Qu's BSc/MSc Project Ideas

Recommended modules taken: Introduction on Artificial Intelligence (G51IAI), Artificial Intelligence Methods (G52AIM), Automated Scheduling (G53ASD). It is expected that project students have sufficiantly strong programming skills to work on most of the following topics.

You are encouraged to develop your own project ideas by extending/revising the below ideas so it also falls into your own inetrests.

  • Portfolio optimisation
    To develop metaheuristic algorithms (Genetic Algorithm or Simulated Annealing, etc, see G52AIM) to solve portfolio selection based on MV model in financial applications.
    Keywords: Portfolio optimisation; Metaheuristics/Optimisation techniques (taken AI modules in the school); Computational Finance
  • Case Based Reasoning in financial applications
    To overview the application of Case Based Reasoning (CBR) in solving financial problems (credit scoring, financial market monitoring, financial prediction, financial decision making, etc), and implement a CBR framework linking Excel or database.
    Keywords: CBR; financial problems
  • Multidimensional knapsack problems
    Given a set of items, their weights and values, how to choose a subset of items to get the maximal value while making sure they fit into one (or certain number of) knapsack (within weight limit)? This project develops a meta-heuristic for solving knapscack problems.
    Keywords: AI search algorithms (G52AIM); computational finance
  • Financial capital budgeting (project selection) problems
    To develop a metaheuristic algorithm (Genetic Algorithm or Simulated Annealing, etc, see G52AIM) to solve capital budgeting or project selection problems.
    Keywords: Capital budgeting/project selection; Metaheuristic/Optimisation techniques (taken AI modules in the school); Computational Finance
  • Optimisation of supply in a highway roadwork project
    To develop a scheduling algorithm (Genetic Algorithm or Simulated Annealing, etc) to optimise the supply of materials in a real world highway road maintanence project.
    Keywords: Scheduling/optimisation techniques (taken AI or/and Scheduling modules in the school); prgramming skills
  • Traffic Simulation with Highway Roadworks
    To develop a computer simulation of traffic flows i.e. estimated traffic delays, within a local network of roads (i.e. junction of A1), where there are roadworks at different time of the day. An existing software program is available but student must implement enough extra work based on the program developed.
    Keywords: Modeling; Simulation; Software development
  • Tutorial of (Meta-)Heuristics
    To develop VBA programs demonstrating how metaheuristic algorithms work (Genetic Algorithm, Simulated Annealing, etc, see G52AIM or A*, etc, see G51IAI) to solve an optimisation problems (i.e. in financial applications, scheduling, etc).
    Keywords: VBA; Excel; Metaheuristics/Optimisation techniques (taken AI modules in the school)
  • Data Mining in Business/Financial Applications
    To study data mining techniques (neural networks, support vector machine, etc) in business and financial applications (stock / exchange / interest rate prediction, real options, etc), in comparison to traditional methods. You are encouraged to bring your own financial applications.
    Keywords: Computational Finance; Data Mining (see G51IAI)
  • Classical optimisation problems
    To investigate AI algorithms (genetic algorithms or varaible neighbourhood search, etc) for solving optimisation problems such as traveling salesman problems, graph colouring, function optimisations, etc.
    Keywords: AI algorithms (G52AIM); Strong programming skills
  • Integrating Constraint Handling Techniques with Metaheuristics for Optimisation Problems
    To study constraint based techniques and their hybridisation with AI search algorithms on solving optimisation problems. Module G52AIP required.
    Keywords: Constraint programming; Strong programming skills

Some previous projects:

You may also extend some of the below previous project ideas, provided enough NEW work is included in the project.

  • Stock Price Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine (first class)
  • Constraint Handling in Genetic Algorithms (first class)
  • Othello: AI Search Algorithm vs. Expert Systems (first class)
  • Genetic Algorithms Applied to Travelling Salesman Problems (first class)
  • Traffic Flow Simulation and Diversion Modelling (first class)
  • An Empirical Comparison of Evolutionary Algorithms Applied to the Tuning of a Chess Engine (first class)
  • Genetic Algorithms on Function Optimisation
  • Local Search Algorithms on Portfolio Optimisation (upper second)
  • Artificial Neural Networks and Decision Tree techniques on Credit Scoring
  • Knowledge Acquisition for Chinese medical diagnosis
  • Data Mining Female Consumer Online Shopping Behaviour
  • Decision Tree Techniques for Customer Relationship Management
  • An Investigation on the Effectiveness of Advertising in Computer Games
  • Interactive Course/Module Registration Assistant (group project 2008/09)

Last updated date 2/Oct/2009