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Robert S. Laramee, MSc., PhD, SFHEA
Associate Professor in Data Visualization

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  • Have you ever thought about writing a masters or PhD with a focus on data visualization? If so, come talk to me. There are funding opportunities in the form of scholarships, bursaries, and other sources of financial aid for those wishing to take up postgraduate study.

    Collaboration with Industry: Are you a business interested in collaborating with researchers? If so, please let us know. Also, We are looking for students interested in undertaking leading research work in the field of data visualization. Data visualization, a vibrant, exciting and rapidly expanding sub-field of computer science, is concerned with the use of computers and their graphics capabilities in order to generate meaningful imagery that provides insight into data from various sources. Please let me know if you have questions or would like to talk about applying.

    Research: Bob's main research interests lie in data visualization including scientific and information visualization and visual analytics. The fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to get an idea of the research we have done is to simply watch our visualization research videos. These are the only research videos of their kind in the entire United Kingdom. The videos are availabe on YouTube.

    PhD Candidates in Data Visualization

  • Dylan Rees , Interactive Visualization of Call Centre Data, PhD candidate since October 2016
  • Mohammed Alharbi , Interactive Visualization of Text Data, PhD candidate since October 2016
  • Elif E Firat , Visualization and Education, PhD candidate since January 2018
  • Qiru Wang , Visualization of Electronic Health Records Data, PhD candidate since April 2019
  • Successful PhD and MRes Graduates in Data Visualization
  • Naif Alharbi, PhD, "Interactive Visualization of Molecular Dynamics Simulation Data", 2015-2019. Nai successfully defended his thesis on 17 October 2019.
  • Liam McNabb, PhD, "Dynamics Geospatial Visualization, 2016-2019, in collaboration with GoFore Ltd sponsored by KESS 2. Liam successfully defended his thesis on 24 May 2019. ( PDF of thesis ) He now works for
  • Richard Roberts, PhD, "Visualizing the Customer Journey Through the Call Centre Landscape", 2015-2019, in collaboration with QPC Ltd sponsored by KESS 2. Richard successfully defended his thesis on 23 Jan 2019. He now works for ( PDF of thesis )
  • Chao Tong, PhD, "Geo-Spatial Visualization of Population Healthcare Data", 2014-2018. Chao successfully defended his thesis on 15 Oct '18. ( PDF of thesis )
  • Dean Thomas, PhD, "Topological Visualization Techniques to Enhance Understanding of Lattice QCD Simulations", 2014-2018, jointly supervised with Prof Simon Hands and Rita Borgo of Kings College. Dean successfully defended his thesis on 11 Jan '18. He now works for Pixalytics Ltd.
  • David Chung, PhD, "High-dimensional, Glyph-based Visualization and Interactive Techniques", 2010-2015, jointly supervised with Prof. Min Chen of Oxford University. Dave successfully defended his thesis on 21 Nov '14 and now works for We Predict Ltd. ( PDF of thesis )
  • Matthew Edmunds, PhD, "Stream Surface Seeding for Flow Visualization", 2010-2014. Matt successfully defended his PhD thesis on 9 Jan 2014. He is currently a Research Officer at Swansea University. ( PDF of thesis )
  • Dan Lipşa, PhD, "Interactive Visualization of Foam Simulation Data", 2010-2014. Dan successfully defended his PhD Thesis on 16 Dec 2013 and now works for Kitware Inc. ( PDF of thesis )
  • James Walker, MRes, "Visualization of Large, High-Dimensional, Time-Dependent, Abstract Data" 2011-2012. James successfully defended his MRes Thesis on 7 Dec 2012 graduated with a PhD in Visualization from Swansea University in 2017 and now works for his own start-up company. ( PDF , video of MRes Thesis results )
  • Zhao Geng, PhD, "Visual Analysis of Abstract, Multi-Dimensional Data with Parallel Coordinates", 2009-2012. Geng successfully defended his PhD Thesis on 5 Nov 2012 and works as a PostDoc at Leeds University. ( PDF of thesis )
  • Tony McLoughlin, PhD, "Interactive, 4D Flow Visualization Based on Integral Curves and Surfaces", 2007-2011. Tony successfully defended his PhD thesis on 8 Dec 2011. He now works for World Programming. ( PDF of PhD Thesis )
  • Bo Xia, MRes, "Advanced Visualization of Electroencephalography (EEG) Data", 2010-2011. Bo successfully defended his MRes thesis on 18 November 2011. He now works for Future Facilities Limited. ( video of MRes Thesis results )
  • Zhenmin Peng, PhD, "Interactive Visualization of Computational Fluid Dynamics Data", 2007-2011. Peng successfully defended his PhD thesis on 19 Sep 2011. He now works in the School of Medicine, Swansea University. ( PDF of thesis )
  • Short Bio: Robert S. Laramee received a bachelors degree in physics, cum laude, from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (ZooMass). He received a masters degree in computer science from the University of New Hampshire, Durham. He was awarded a PhD from the Vienna University of Technology (Gruess Gott TUWien), Austria at the Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms in 2005. From 2001 to 2006 he was a researcher at the VRVis Research Center ( and a software engineer at AVL ( in the department of Advanced Simulation Technologies. He was a Lecturer, then Associate Professor at Swansea University (Prifysgol Cymru Abertawe), Wales in the Department of Computer Science (Adran Gwyddor Cyfrifiadur). Currently he is an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham, UK in the School of Computer Science. His research interests are in the areas of scientific visualization, information visualization, and visual analytics. He has published more than 170 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and conferences.

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