Types Summerschool: Epigram

Here is the Epigram code I am presenting in my lecture. The file also contains the exercises as sheds which can be completed (e.g. during the Epigram lab). Solutions are available on demand. At the end of the file a more ambitious project is suggested.

How to avoid reading the Epigram manual?

  1. Start up the epigram executable (under X-windows on the Mac). An emacs window with an empty shed ([]) should appear.
  2. Choose Open in new frame in the file menu and open the source file in a new window.
  3. You can send the entire buffer to emacs (C-c C-c) or an emacs region (C-C C-r).
  4. Once the text appears inside the shed let epigram type check it (ESC).
  5. Move to the sheds associated to the exercises and start typing in your solution and type check them using ESC.
  6. If epigram is happy the new code appears in green, if you get brown (or yellow) you can undo the step (M-backspace).
  7. You can copy the epigram buffer (with solutions) into another buffer (C-c C-e) and then save using emacs.

Thorsten Altenkirch
Last modified: Fri Aug 31 15:59:05 CEST 2007