Photo of Richard Mortier


I’m Richard Mortier or, more commonly, mort. I’m one of the Horizon Transitional Fellows in Computer Science at the Horizon Institute, based here in the University of Nottingham School of Computer Science. I’m also a founding member of the School’s Networked Systems Group.

And, for the first time, the beginnings of a simple blog:


My research spans a range of topics, all with a networked systems angle. I have worked on topics from distributed system performance monitoring and debugging, to Internet routing protocols, to real-time media platform design and implementation. I have worked in a variety of roles, from high-level platform architect, to designer and implementer of complex networked systems, to website designer and builder. I have consulted and worked for a broad range of companies, including startups (μ, S, M, L) and corporates (M, L) in both the US and UK.

I am currently available for consultancy and selected development work.


I am either in office C13 in the School of Computer Science or (now) occasionally in C12B in the Nottingham Geospatial Building. I can be contacted by email (preferred) at, or by phone on +44 115 823 2552. I am online at, cardcloud, twitter, github, linkedin, and facebook. My Erdős number appears to be 3.