The breadth of the Horizon Digital Economy Research programme of work means that I’m involved to a greater or lesser extent in a wide range of projects, including supervising several excellent students. I list my primary projects below, but others span topics from mixed reality urban games to use of bio-sensing in TV production to infrastructure support for tracking physical objects ranging from tableware to smart buildings.

For a complete list of my publications, click here.


is a framework to enable individuals to give controlled access to their personal data for processing by third parties. This will provide the basic infrastructure on which we can build a socially acceptable personal data marketplace. This work is taking place within the context of the Personal Containers project.


is taking a comprehensive look at the problems users face in managing their home network infrastructure. We’ve built a novel Linux-based home router using a custom monitoring platform and a control infrastructure built using Open vSwitch and NOX.


is an exokernel for constructing secure, high-performance network applications across a variety of cloud computing and mobile platforms. Code is developed in OCaml on a normal OS such as Linux or MacOS X, and then compiled into a fully-standalone, specialised microkernel that runs under the Xen hypervisor.