If you are interested in a Ph.D. position with me then please contact me by email, indicating what you would be interested in working on and what you hope the outcome of your work would be. I have been fortunate to have worked, and continue to work, with a number of excellent students on a wide range of topics, many of whom are currently with the Ubiquitous Computing Doctoral Training Centre here at Nottingham.


Sultan Alanazi (2012), co-supervised with Prof. Derek McAuley. Recommendation systems using rich personal data.

Anthony Brown (2010), co-supervised with Prof. Tom Rodden. Securing the domestic network.

Liz Dowthwaite (2012), co-supervised with Dr Robert Houghton. Social networks around web comics.

Marjan Falahrastegar (2012) at Queen Mary, University of London, co-supervised with Prof. Steve Uhlig and Dr Hamed Haddadi.

Ewa Luger (2009), co-supervised with Prof. Tom Rodden. Understanding consent in ubiquitous computing.

Steven Luland (2013), co-supervised with Prof. Derek McAuley.

Dominic Price (2013), co-supervised with Prof. Chris Greenhalgh.

Jianhua Shao (2010), co-supervised with Dr George Kuk. Investigating markets in personal data.

Robert Spencer (2011), co-supervised with Prof. Tom Rodden. History and reconciliation in domestic network configuration.


Dr Hamed Haddadi, UCL. Graduated 2008. Dissertation titled “Topological Characteristics of IP Networks”. Invited to join Hamed’s supervision team while I was at Microsoft, my co-supervisors were Drs Andrew W. Moore and Miguel Rio.