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Research Grants

I am the principal investigator of the following projects:

Title:Optimisation of Large Scale Logistics Service Network Design and Fleet Scheduling: Novel Models and Optimisation Approaches Based on Hyper-heuristics
Funding Source:National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
Reference 71001055
Start Date:2011.1
End Date:2013.12
Principal Investigator:Dr. Ruibin Bai
Co-InvestigatorsDr. Rong Qu (University of Nottingham, UK), Prof. Graham Kendall (Unviersity of Nottingham, UK), Dr. Amin Farjudian (UNNC)
Title:Dynamic Scheduling and Hyper-heuristic Approaches for Logistics Service Network Design and Fleet Scheduling
Funding Source:Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation (ZJNSF)
Reference Y1100132
Start Date:2010.6
End Date:2013.6
Principal Investigator:Dr. Ruibin Bai
Co-InvestigatorsProf. Lixin Miao (Tsinghua University at Shenzhen), Prof. Graham Kendall (University of Nottingham, UK), Dr. Rong Qu (University of Nottingham, UK)
Title:Investigation and Development of Adaptive Transportation Systems in Logistics
Funding Source:The University of Nottingham Inter-Campus Research Development Fund
Reference 0100809IRF/BRB
Start Date:2009.3
End Date:2011.2
Principal Investigator:Dr. Ruibin Bai
Co-InvestigatorsDr.Donald Peterson, Prof. Edmund Burke, Prof. Graham Kendall, Prof. Andrzej Bargiela
Title:An investigation of the robustness of transportation scheduling for modern logistics
Funding Source:Ningbo Municipal Natural Science Foundation, China
Reference 2008A610013
Start Date:2008. 2
End Date:2010.2
Principal Investigator:Dr. Ruibin Bai
Co-InvestigatorsProf.Andrzej Bargiela, Dr. Thomas Anberree.
Title:A distributed system for taxi scheduling
Funding Source:Zhejiang Provincial "Qian Jiang" Talent Initiative Programme, China
Start Date:2009.1
End Date:2011.12
Principal Investigator:Dr. Ruibin Bai
Co-InvestigatorsDr. Thomas Anberree, Hua Zhang
Title:Handling Uncertainties in Transportation and Logistics
Funding Source:Ningbo Municipal International Collaboration Programme, China
Reference 2008B10040
Start Date:2008.9
End Date:2011.8
Principal Investigator:Dr. Ruibin Bai
Co-InvestigatorsDr. Rong Qu, Prof. Edmund Burke, Prof. Andrzej Bargiela, Dr. Thomas Anberree,
Title:Ningbo 4321 Talent Programme
Funding Source:Ningbo Human Resource Bureau
Start Date:2010.1

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