Updated 16.5.2017


I am a lecturer here at the University of Nottingham. I am part of the schools of Computer Science and Biosciences. My background is in the image analysis. Within Computer Science, I am part of theComputer Vision Laboratory . The CVL has a great community of staff, researchers and students, working on a diverse range of image analysis problems.

Student projects

Below are some project ideas I am happy to supervise. I am generally happy to supervise any image analysis or image processing projects if you have a particular idea.

An app to play music from a picture of a score

In this project you will research image analysis approaches to extract musical information automatically from a picture of a score. You will need to be learning or prepared to learn image processing and analysis methods, and confident in your app programming skills.


Object tracking to maintain viewpoint in 360 degree video

360 degree video capture allows the viewer to explore any viewpoint in the video as it plays back. Sometimes though, we may wish to fix the viewpoint on a certain feature in the scence. In this project you will develop a tracking approach to allow the user to fixate on any object (for example, a face) during playback. You will need to know about or be prepared to learn: video tracking approaches, reconstructing a vewipoint from raw 360 video (or interfacing with an existing viewing application).

360 degree view

An system to recognise plant diseases in the field

In this project you will be developing a system (possibly using deep learning) to recognise plant diseases from images taken in the field at Sutton Bonington. You will need to be learning or be keen to learn about image analsyis, machine/deep learning, and possibly mobile app programming (not essential)