Research Grants

Model and Data Driven Hyper-Heuristics for Combinatorial Optimization and Their Applications in Port Operation Integrated Scheduling, NSFC General Program, Ref: 72071116, Amount: RMB 566K, 2021-2024.

Title: Key technological enhancement and applications for Ningbo port Terminal operating system. Ningbo Science Technology Bureau, Ref: 2019B10026. Amount: RMB 2.0m. 2019/10-2022. PI.

Title: Content service for the construction of medical question answering system knowledge base. Funder: Ping An Healthcare and Technology Co. Ltd. Ref: PMS20190287HT01, Amount: RMB 0.91m,2019/01 – 2020/01. PI.

Title: Decision support system for smart healthcare services. Funder: Ping An Healthcare and Technology Co. Ltd. Ref: PMS20172702,Amount :RMB 1.5m,2018/01 – 2019/01. PI.

Title: Robust data mining technologies and their application in cold logistics chain big data analytics. Ningbo Science & Technology Bureau, Reference: 2017D10034, Amount: RMB 1.2m, 2017-2020. PI.

Freight service network design optimisation and its applications, 运输服务网络设计优化及应用研究. Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation, Outstanding Young Scitentist Grant, 2017-2020. RMB 250,000. Principal Investigator: Ruibin Bai.

Logistics Service Network Optimisation and Multi-mode Intelligent Container Transportation Scheduling, 物流服务网络设计及海公铁智能集装箱综合调度. Ningbo Science & Technology Bureau, 2014A35006, 2015-2018, RMB 1.5m. Principal Investigator: Ruibin Bai, CI: Kulwant Pawar, Rong Qu, Graham Kendall, Nachiappan Subramanian, Yibin Wang, Kune-Muh Tsai.

Scenario Tree Compression for Stochastic Service Network Design with Rerouting. 随机运输服务网络设计场景树压缩及应用研究. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). General project (Ref:71471092), 2015-2018. RMB600,000. Principal Investigator.

Energy Efficient Freight Transportation Research in Supply Chain Logistics. 供应链物流中高能效货物运输调度研究. NSFC-RS (Ref:71311130142), 2013-2015. RMB73,000. Principal Investigator. UK Investigator: Rong Qu.

Optimisation of Large Scale Logistics Service Network Design and Fleet Scheduling: Novel Models and Optimisation Approaches Based on Hyper-heuristics. 大型物流运输服务网络设计与车辆调度:新模型和基于超启发式算法的优化算法研究. National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Young Scientist Fund (Ref: 71001055). 2011-2013. RMB177,000. Principal Investigator. Completed.

From Big Data to New Knowledge: Key Technologies and Their Applications in Smart Logistics. 大数据到新知识的关键技术研究及其在智能物流管理服务平台中的应用. Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau Key Project (Ref:2012B10055). 2012-2015. RMB1.2m. Co-investigator.

Dynamic Scheduling and Hyper-heuristic Approaches for Logistics Service Network Design and Fleet Scheduling. Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation (ZJNSF). General Project (Ref: Y1100132). RMB100,000. 2010-2013. Principal investigator. Completed. .

Automotive Component Low Carbon Manufacturing. 汽车零部件低碳制造. Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau. Tier 1 Innovation Team, 2011-2017. Ref: 2011B81006. RMB9m. 2010-2013. Co-investigator.

Investigation and Development of Adaptive Transportation Systems in Logistics. The University of Nottingham Inter-Campus Research Development Fund (Ref:0100809IRF/BRB). 2009-2011. GBP21K. Principal Investigator. Completed .

An investigation of the robustness of transportation scheduling for modern logistics. 现代物流系统运输网络调度橹棒性研究 (Ref: 2008A610013). Ningbo Municipal Natural Science Foundation. 2008-2010. RMB50,000. Principal Investigator. Completed .

A distributed system for taxi scheduling system. 分布式智能出租车调度系统. Ref: QJD0802001. Zhejiang Provincial "Qian Jiang" Talent Initiative Programme, China. 2009-2011. RMB50,000. Principal Investigator. Completed .

Handling Uncertainties in Transportation and Logistics Using Granular Computing. 基于粒度计算和超启发式搜索的含不确定因素交通与物流调度系统研究. Ref: 2008B10040. Ningbo Municipal International Collaboration Programme, RMB200,000. 2008-2011. Principal Investigator. Completed .