PhD Scholarships Available!!!

The Division of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China has a number of openings for PhD students in Computer Science. The PhD scholarships are funded (some fully funded and some partially funded) by the University of Nottingham for a period of three years. The student is expected to spend one year in China, one year in the UK and the final year in China. On graduation, students will be awarded a University of Nottingham UK degree which is fully recognised by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The position is expected to begin from October 2010. Candidates are encouraged to work on the following project:

Topic: Computational Intelligence in Transport and Logistics

Description: Transportation intelligence has recently become a priority research topic in many countries due to, not only its capability to significant reduce cost, but more importantly, its benefit to lessen environmental impact where the transport industry currently contributes around 25-30% of global CO2 emissions. Reducing CO2 emissions in transport is becoming a critical part of world-wide efforts to tackle global warming.

This ambitious project addresses some of the most challenging computation problems faced in transport, logistics planning and optimisation, particularly those problems with a dynamic and/or stochastic nature which have not received sufficient research attention. The project aims to develop innovative models and systems that take advantage of latest developments in intelligent computing, GPS, GIS as well as ubiquitous computing technologies. Such a system will be able to react dynamically to different problem scenarios and will enable users to automate and optimise transportation networks and day-to-day scheduling, improve service satisfaction, reduce unnecessary trips made by empty vehicles, reduce traffic congestion and energy consumption.

The project will be carried out in collaboration with Prof. Graham Kendall and Dr. Rong Qu from ASAP reseach group.

Applicants should have a degree in Computer Science or a related discipline. A strong programming background is required and a good mathematics background is desirable. Excellent communication skills and a high level English are required. Interested candidates should make initial inquires to ruibin.bai at and include a CV.

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