MathSpad version 0.80

As of Januari 26 2000, version 0.80 of MathSpad is available. Although the interface hasn't changed much, the internal system has changed very much. Although MathSpad uses Unicode internally, that doesn't mean that you will be able to use the full range of Unicode character in your documents and LaTeX output. The X window system has to provide the fonts in order to display the characters properly and LaTeX has to support the characters in some way (the Omega system is not used yet). However, as with the previous version, it is possible to extend MathSpad with additional fonts and to specify the LaTeX output. Even then, certain languages are not supported properly due to special requirements, such as right-to-left orientation and use of ligatures.

The source code of MathSpad 0.80 is available from Nottingham University as bzipped tar file.