EPSRC BtG Rapid detection of pathogens from diarrheal stool samples to improve antibiotic stewardship and facilitate targeted rather than empiric therapy 2016 Co-Applicant £14,600
EPSRC Bridging the gaps: systems-level approaches to antimicrobial resistance EP/M027333/1 2015 Co-Investigator (PI: John King) £491,232
DARPA Bdellovibrio - bacterial security guards against dangerous pathogens 2015 Co-Investigator (PI: Liz Sockett) £5,950,000
UoN BNSCF Computational Biology Nottingham/Birmingham strategic partnership 2014 Co-Applicant £4,520
BBSRC SBRC Nottingham: sustainable routes to platform chemicals BB/L013940/1 2014 Co-Investigator (PI: Nigel Minton) £14,242,856
UoN Nottingham advanced research fellowship 2013 Principal Investigator £217,532

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