Midlands Graduate School in the
Foundations of Computing Science

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MGS 2018

The Midlands Graduate School (MGS) in the Foundations of Computing Science was established in 1999 as a collaboration between the Universities of Birmingham, Leicester and Nottingham, and in 2007 was joined by the University of Sheffield. The graduate school has two goals:

In pursuit of these goals, an annual Spring School is held over five days during the Easter vacation period, and comprises a series of technical courses on introductory, advanced, and emerging topics in the mathematical foundations of computing.


Further details about MGS 2025 will be added as soon as they are available.


A typical Spring School consists of eight courses with 4-5 hours of lectures each, with around one third being introductory (or core) courses that are taken by all participants, and the remainder being advanced (or specialised) courses from which each participant selects a subset depending upon their interests. The introductory courses cover topics such as category theory, operational semantics, denotational semantics, lambda calculi, and domain theory.

The range of advanced courses is much broader, reflecting the particular expertise of the individual lecturers, and has included topics such as co-algebras, concurrency theory, dependently typed programming, descriptive complexity, exact real-numbers, game semantics, intuitionistic logic, proof theory, mathematics of program construction, mechanised theorem proving, model checking, models of variable binding, probabilistic verification, quantum programming, rewriting, semantics of effects, topology of data types, type theory, and verifying security protocols.


MGS 2024: 8-12 April 2024, University of Leicester
MGS 2023: 02-06 April 2023, University of Birmingham
MGS 2022: 10-14 April 2022, University of Nottingham
MGS 2021: 12-16 April 2021, University of Sheffield
MGS 2019: 14-18 April 2019, University of Birmingham
MGS 2018: 9-13 April 2018, University of Nottingham
MGS 2017: 9-13 April 2017, University of Leicester
MGS 2016: 11-15 April 2016, University of Birmingham
MGS 2015: 7-11 April 2015, University of Sheffield
MGS 2014: 22-26 April 2014, University of Nottingham
MGS 2013: 8-12 April 2013, University of Leicester
MGS 2012: 23-27 April 2012, University of Birmingham
MGS 2011: 11-15 April 2011, University of Nottingham
MGS 2010: 28 March - 1 April 2010, University of Sheffield
MGS 2009: 30 March - 3 April 2009, University of Leicester
MGS 2008: 14-18 April 2008, University of Birmingham
MGS 2007: 16-20 April 2007, University of Nottingham
MGS 2006: 8-12 April 2006, University of Leicester
MGS 2005: 11-15 April 2005, University of Birmingham
MGS 2004: 29 March - 2 April 2004, University of Nottingham
MGS 2003: 31 March - 4 April 2003, University of Leicester

Older events are available here: 2001-2002, 2000-2001 and 1999-2000.


Graham Hutton University of Nottingham Director
Martin Escardó University of Birmingham Local contact
Andrei Popescu University of Sheffield Local contact
Roy Crole University of Leicester Local Contact