Selected Past Teaching

Undergraduate Modules

2018-2019 Abstract Algebra I and II, De Montfort University, UK

2015-2018 Linear Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, De Montfort University, UK

2014-2018 Foundations and Algebra, De Montfort University, UK

2012-2013 Introduction to AI and Mobile Robotics, De Montfort University, UK

2012-2013 Connected Devices, De Montfort University, UK

Postgraduate Modules

2013-2015 Computational Intelligence Optimisation, De Montfort University, UK

2007-2012  Research Projects, University of Jyväskylä,  Finland

2007 Evolutionary Computational Intelligence, University of  Jyväskylä, Finland

International Postgraduate Modules

2008 Medicine+Computer Science=Computational Medicine; Computational Intelligence for Multi-drug Therapies, University of Newcastle, Australia

2007 Recent Advances in Evolutionary Computing,  University of  Jyväskylä, Finland

2005 Overview on Evolutionary Optimization in Engineering, Yaroslavl’ State University, Russia

Teaching is a fundamental element of academic life and of research as it is the opportunity to forge new minds. I am a Senior Fellow (D3) at the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

I am proud to teach with passion and enthusiasm.

Happiness is to be understood

– Georgi Polonsky –

(We’ll Live Till Monday)




Current Teaching

2019-today COMP2012 Languages and Computation, University of Nottingham, UK

2020-today COMP1043 Mathematics for Computer Scientists 2, University of Nottingham, UK

My new article about teaching is now published

F. Neri “Teaching Mathematics to Computer Scientists: Reflections and a Case Study”, Springer Nature Computer Science,  Vol. 2, 75, 2021

The second edition of my textbook F. Neri "Linear Algebra for Computational Sciences and Engineering" Springer is now available.