About me

I'm an Assistant Professor in Computer Science with Horizon at the University of Nottingham. I'm primarily a member of the Mixed Reality Lab and a lecturer in the School of Computer Science. I spend a lot of my time causing trouble.

I completed a BSc in Physics at Durham University, before realising that I wasn't good enough at it to do anything useful with it. I then came to Nottingham where I did an MSc in IT, and my MSc thesis on building an asynchronous commmunication system for virtual reality environments won the prize for being the best in the year.

In 2000 I joined the Mixed Reality Lab, where I've worked on a variety of EPSRC and EU funded projects, particularly focusing on pervasive gaming, locative media and mixed-reality environments. My research interests revolved around software, tools and infrastructures to support publicly deployed mixed-reality experiences, and I completed my PhD in this area in 2007 having lead the technical development of some award winning pieces, largely as part of a close collaboration with the artists group Blast Theory. You can find a list of my publications on the subject here.

With Horizon I'm continuing to explore novel HCI projects with the creative industries in relation to the digital economy, particularly focusing on new forms of outside broadcasting and crowdsourcing, and I'm increasingly interested in sustainability in innovation.

If you're a student looking for lecture notes, information about personal tutoring or project supervision, you should probably check out my teaching pages.

In my spare time I get up to a variety of different things, including being a slightly obsessive muso, collecting dangerous power tools, metal working and creating over-engineered ubicomp solutions to domestic problems - namely my cat flap. I have quite strong opinions on DRM, intellectual property, the environment and digital culture, but you'll have to ask about that.

You can get in touch with me here.