Curriculum Vitae

Max L. Wilson

Max L. Wilson

Dr. Max L. Wilson

School of Computer Science
University of Nottingham
Jubilee Campus
Wollaton Road

Tel: +44 (0) 115 84 66551


PhD: Developing an Analytical Inspection Method for Evaluating Information Seeking Interfaces.
     University of Southampton (2009)
     Examined by: Prof Gary Marchionini, UNC

MEng: First Class Masters Degree in Software Engineering.
     University of Southampton (2005)
     Dissertation Score: 92% (Active Navigation Award, 2004)

College: A-Levels in Maths, Computing and Psychology
      Sir William Borlase's Grammar School (2001)

Research Keywords

Human-Computer Interaction, Information Seeking, Exploratory Search, Information Behaviour, Information Retrieval, Mental Workload, Sensemaking, fNIRS

Publications: 148 (see full list in Appendix A)

Current Research

My research continues to sit between Human-Computer Interaction and Information Retrieval, from the design of search user interfaces, to the evaluation of mental workload while interacting with information. My PhD examined Search User Interfaces and evaluated search behaviour, and we created more powerful and equally 'more complicated' user interfaces. Since 2011, I have focused on evaluating the cognitive efforts involved in user interaction. Working with Prof. Sarah Sharples (Human Factors), I have been examining Mental Workload as a measurable concept, and started working with functional Near Infrard Spectroscopy as a means to estimate it in 'near natural' contexts. My recent focus, therefore, has been on evaluating Mental Workload changes created during tasks, and by user interfaces, whilst maintaining an interest in search user interface design.

Teaching and Other Presentations

I am Director for Student Experience in the School of Computer Science at the University of Nottingham, and my current teaching is listed below; Previously I have taught HCI research methods, Interactive IR, HCI History, and Mixed Reality.

  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Developer Experience Portfolio

My work involves giving many other presentations, including research talks at several institutions around the UK and Europe, at expert workshops (Dagstuhls, NII Shonan), for funding bodies and stearing groups, and at large international conferences. At CHI2010 and CHI2011, I led a plenary session infront of all 2,600 attendees. See invited talks below for more detail.

Technical Capabilities

Over time, I have learnt a number of languages and worked with various technologies. I primarily work with web languages, such as HTML, javascript, node.js, Python, ASP, PHP and SQL. At university, I learnt languages such as Java, Perl, c++ and c#; I currently teach in Java. More recently, I have been developing apps in iOS, using Swift. I am primarily a mac user, with access to linux servers and virtualised windows machines.

Management and Supervision

I enjoy supervising students. I currently supervise 6 PhD students, 4 MSc students and 3-5 final year undergraduate students per year. I also mentor small groups of first and second year undergraduate students. I have a hands-on frequent supervision style, to encourage and facilitate students in improving themselves and their work. Beyond direct supervision, and the reading group that I coordinate amongst my own students, I have organised a seminar & reading group in the past, to enrich the breadth of understanding that all of our students and researchers have.

Within research teams, according to the Belbin work role evaluation (see, I score highly as a mediator/coordinator.

Community Participation

Recent Awards:

Conference Organisation:

Committee/Board Membership: External Examiner Roles:
  • Brunel University, London (2020-~2023) - Digital Service Design MSc
Workshop Organisation:

Invited Talks:

  • Brain Data as Cognitive Personal Informatics, Nokia Bell Labs (online), 2022
  • Mental Workload as Personal Data in the Future of Work, CHI Work Series (online), 2021
  • Physiological indicators of task demand, fatigue, and cognition during Work Tasks, University College Dublin, 2020
  • Brain-based HCI - What brain data can tell 
us about HCI, University of St Andrews, Oct 2019
  • Personal Brain Data and the Future of Work, MSR Faculty Summit, 2019
  • Mental Workload Alerts, University of Leicester - May 2019
  • Search Tactics for Real-World Tech Problems, Waseda University (Tokyo) - Oct 2018
  • Mental Workload Measurements, University of Strathclyde - June 2018
  • An HCI Perspective on IR, Universty of Sheffield - Apr 2018
  • An HCI Perspective on IR, University of Birmingham - May 2017
  • Search Literacy, Dagstuhl, Germany, Feb 2017
  • Keynote: The HCI Perspective on IR, DIR2016 - Nov 2016
  • Analysing Social Media Campaigns, Content Marketing Show - Nov 5th 2014
  • Evaluating Sensemaking & Learning, University of Southampton - May 2014
  • HCI & Session Evaluation, Dagstuhl, Germany - October 2013
  • Search User Interface Design, Leeds University, UK - May 2013
  • HCI & Session Evaluation, NII Shonan, Japan - October 2012
  • Search User Interface Design, Glasgow University, UK - June 2012
  • Social Media for Business Use, at Software Alliance Wales, Swansea - December 2010
  • Casual-Leisure Information Seeking, at Enterprise Search Meetup, London - December 2010
  • Casual-Leisure Information Seeking, at Gregynog Colloquium, Wales - December 2010
  • Investigating Search Behaviour with Tweet Reports, at Erlangen University, Germany - March 2010
  • Investigating Search Behaviour with Tweet Reports, at UCL Interaction Centre Seminar - February 2010
  • Workshop on Capturing and Visualising Temporal Information in eScience. Hosted by INRIA, Paris, June 2008.
  • Seminar at Swansea University FIT Lab. July 2008.
  • Faceted Timeline Interfaces at Nokia. 2007.
  • Advanced Faceted Interaction at Endeca. 2007.

PhDs Examined: