Morning session: 7:30-10:30 am
[7:30] Introduction and welcome
[7:40] Invited talk 1: Ross King, Drug Design and Constructive Machine Learning
[8:10] Contributed talk 1: K. Ellis, E. Dechter, R.P. Adams, J.B. Tenenbaum, Learning Graphical Concepts
[8:20] Contributed talk 2: J.R. Lloyd, D. Duvenaud, R. Grosse, J.B. Tenenbaum, Z. Ghahramani, Automatic construction and natural-language summarization of additive nonparametric models
[8:30] Poster spotlights (4) + poster session

[9:00] Coffee break

[9:30] Invited talk 2: Doug Turnbull, Constructive Music Information Retrieval: Mashups and Playlists
[10:00] Best contributed talk: F. Costa and D. Sorescu, The Constructive Learning Problem: an ef?cient approach for hypergraphs

Afternoon session: 3:30-6:30 pm
[3:30] Invited talk 3: Bob Keller, Machine Learning Applied to Musical Improvisation
[4:00] Contributed talk 3: C.-Z. Huang, D. Duvenaud, K. Arnold, B. Partridge, J. Oberholtzer, Active Learning of Intuitive Sound Qualities
[4:10] Contributed talk 4: H. S. Koppula and A. Sxena, Anticipating the future by constructing human activities using object affordances
[4:20] Poster spotlights (4) + poster session

[5:00] Coffee break

[5:30] Invited talk 4: Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Learning to generate new visual objects and concepts
[6:00] Moderated discussion